Monday Mumbling

To start things off on an SCA note, I thought I’d wrap up all this talk of Practicum, at least until I’m talked into teaching again one day.

After all the drama on Friday, we finally got a projector, I didn’t forget any of my props and D’s laptop had one final usage of Microsoft Office products before you had to register/pay for it.  Phew.  Leh and D totally came through for me on the technology front, and I’m uber grateful.  Thanks going out to Red and The Welshman for recording/voicing a revenant story (written by William of Newburgh) for me.  Real UK accent for the win!  Gotta thank Shyska for day-of “you’ll do fine” (and similar) comments.  I didn’t barf!  Thanks to Cortejo for asking me to do it, and for putting up with a human ball of nervous energy and anxiety.  I’m not fun to be around when I’m like that.

Of course, thanks to anyone who came out, took an interest, asked questions and laughed at my dorky jokes/miming.

Giving myself a fair critique of my own work, I needed to slow down.  I ended up 20 minutes early but I knew enough about the topic to field questions and pad with additional information.  I ditched my printed slides at one point, they were holding me back.  If I were to teach it again, I would make myself more comfortable with the information at hand.  I did look into the audience and made some good eye contact.  Points for that.  I didn’t stare at my slides the entire time.  Overall, I would give myself maybe 85%.  Room for improvement but definitely a good presentation.  <Patting self on back>2

My classes were really interesting!  Norse Pottery, Historic/Modern Beer Making and SCA on your Resume (does anyone have Dame Tsivia’s e-mail?).  Council meeting went very well.  I anticipated more raised voices, but it was pretty subdued.

I received my Bunny Tail at court (and also a favour for my pack-muling skills).  Hurray!  Meeko tried to attack it when I unpacked my kit last night, so I’ve put it into a box.  I won’t lose it and it won’t get eaten.  Hopefully.  Court was really good.  Lots of tails handed out.  The song for the Feast of the Hare cooks was teh awesomer, and the scrolls they were given were lovely to behold.

Hmmm…seems that something from the Baronial Chariot is missing but I know I didn’t take it out.  And I don’t remember seeing it when Ed and Shyska and I were muling stuff into the building for court.  I had the Baronial Box, Ed had the chairs, Shyska had cushions and pudding.  The trip into the building was kinda funny, as she exclaimed “I’m never touching that box ever again!”.

I have this wicked craving for wassabi after telling Cortejo the story of my first experience with sushi (which was also the first time I ever had wassabi – too much wassabi).  Every single time I eat it, I make the same mistake:  too much wassabi.

My wassabi-on-a-sandwich balloon has also been burst.  I still might try it, because I’m an idiot like that.  I just won’t slather it on like I had originally planned.

I’m on call this morning.  Office Mom’s daughter has that gastro-intestinal bug that’s been going around (I’m guessing same thing little Miss Lydia had).  Lots of puking that required a trip to the hospital (not the one in this town) in the middle of the night.  She was getting sick every hour on the hour, and then ever five minutes.  Both parents had 2-3 hours of sleep.  If need be, I’ll make a trip to the pharmacy for suppositories because the poor kid can’t keep her meds down.  Shew, I hope for her sake that I don’t have to make that trip.

On an Office Mom note, she gave her resignation yesterday.  She’ll be here until June.  I’m going to miss having her around.  Someone will have to finger waggle at me and keep me in line.

I managed to tidy up the kitchen and part of the living room.  Not much of it, but some of it.  Tonight I need to clean the house…vacuum, wash the floors and scrub the bathroom.  The housework was neglected with the rush to finish class stuff.  Then I’m going to tackle typing up meeting minutes.

Oh, oh…The Welshman & me are looking to kick start a gaming group.  We want to play Vampires: The Masquerade (table top not LARP) or possibly D&D (3.5).  I think we’re doing a lean towards Vampires though.  We’re looking for people who want to play for a few hours here and there (minimum 2 hours).  We may have 2 play spaces (Reyl doesn’t like to travel for gaming) and of course Welshman’s pad.  My space isn’t an option since it’s so far removed, otherwise I’d totally host.

No need of experience with Vampires (I have none) or D&D but a knowledge of gaming is key.  Oh, and dice.  If you don’t wanna play but we have a mutual friend or want to bring a friend with you, lemme know.

Leave me a message here or via email or text message.  Very excited to get something off the ground.

Not looking forward to all the snow this week…20-35cm and some rainfall too.  Tapering by Saturday.  Ah well.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. cortejo
    Feb 22, 2010 @ 11:05:48

    The Value Village near where the Baron works has Warewolf and Vampire RPG books.


  2. vongaynip
    Feb 22, 2010 @ 15:49:09

    Really? Werewolf? Hmmm…


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