Ain’t No Sunshine

The snocalypse (snow-apocalypse) here in the East continues.  It has transformed the Malebolge into the Cocytus.  Okay, okay…maybe not that bad.  I haven’t seen anyone frozen in the snow.  Yet.  The week is still young.

Speaking of Dante’s Inferno, I took a quiz that says if I died right this moment, I would suffer the fate of spending eternity in the Second Level of Hell (it’s a perpetual hurricane), home to the lustful.  The company I would supposedly keep is that of Cleopatra and Helen of Troy.  Pretty accurate, if you ask me…considering my first thought upon reading Helen of Troy would be there was, “Oooh, history says she was a total babe.”  Clearly Ilanikhan’s suggestion that I stop thinking with my pants has gone completely unheeded.  In my defense, I blame the company I keep.

The Welshman is going to shadow a Vampire’s LARP this Saturday.  I have too many other plans, so I can’t go but I am very jealous.  I have already decided what Clan I want to play.  Malkavian, and I want my mental issue to be that I talk to my skeleton sock puppet, Clavicle (instead of an imaginary friend).  What I’d really love to do, is pair up with someone and both of us play Malkavian’s who share multiple personalities.  When Personality A switches to Personality B, Personality B switches to A.  I think it would be ultra cool if added to that, one was say a pyromaniac and one was pyrophobic.  Mwahahaha.  I’m such a geek.

Speaking of vampires, I have started reading book one in the Sookie Stackhouse series.  I’m so accustomed to a more complex style of vampiric story telling.  I’m wondering if the series was meant for young adults (like Twilight)?  It’s far less sexy than the HBO series, that’s for darn sure.  The appearance of characters also works differently.  Still haven’t met Lafayette or Tara (and her drunk mama).  And in the show, Rene was Arlene’s boyfriend, not her ex-husband and he gives away early clues unlike in the show.

I’m gonna have to shovel and move the car when I get home.  I hope the plough guy comes sooner rather than later tonight.  Last time he showed up I was already in my PJ’s…at least Bob came to tell me about it though!  I shouldn’t complain.  The extra exercise is good for me.  I just always seems the effort of shoveling snow (heavy snow) is getting dizzy and wanting to pass out in the snowbank.  Dad gets the same way.  We overheat from the exertion and get dizzy and disoriented.

I am now completely distracted and forget what else I was going to talk about.  It’s Cortejo’s fault.  Women.


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