Gaynip Thinks “Make Work Project” a Must

A few things to get out of the way…

I’ve mentioned a few times that I can see how people get to my blog based on what they’re searching for.  That’s why you blog you tag stuff.  So if someone wants to read about MMA fighter girls, my blog might come up on Google.

But my blog is getting some traffic for weird searches, like “gay bathroom blogger” and “kirstie alley dungeon sex”.  That’s weird.  I am gay, I do blog but not from the bathroom.  And…I don’t even know what to say about the Kirstie Alley dungeon sex…I can’t even go there.  It’s my Lent promise.

I had a great weekend.  I had a disconcerting sugar crash that I think was the result of a combination of stress, fatigue and alcohol may have been a factor.  Not that I regret any of the stuff I did that day, except not napping.  My fault.  As soon as I walked in the door, I got a hug from Emily and heard Cortejo shout “It’s your turn for a nap!”.  Gotta love that kind of greeting.  Anyway, I started to vibrate.  I was told to eat a banana.  Did that.  Still vibrating.  Snuggled into a blanket.  The vibrating lessened.  The really weird part is, Cortejo says I had two anxiety attacks during my sleep.  The cure?  Hand holding.  I am well taken care of.  Spoiled, even. I probably should have slept by myself, but like a selfish little monkey I decided to inflict myself on others.  I was having a sugar-crashed induced sad.

I think out of all the side effects of my hypoglycemia, the lack of control on my emotions bothers me the most.  I try really hard not to take it out on anyone else.  I get angry for no reason, and I turn that inwards because turning outwards isn’t fair to anyone.  Or I get really sad.  I want to cry or I turn into a big suck.  Terrible.

So, Office Mom gave notice for June.  Leh is going to give 2 weeks sometime this week.  I fear I will never get out of here.  It’s a smother-y, suffocating feeling.  I talked to The Boss this morning about the situation and am excited (tempered) that there might be an opportunity in The City for a new copywriter/producer.  I’d be golden for that job because I can do both, plus I can fill in on-air as required.  I can read news as well.  I also explained that if I’m to stay I want to see a bump in my remote fee (promised), a raise (unrealistic) or at the very least some contra.

BUT…if I have to stay here, I need something to keep me busy and sharp in mind (I have real concerns I’m getting stupid).  What is a girl to do?  What’s something that’ll keep me busy and sane.  I asked ilanikhan what it would take to make a Canton.  I believe her exact reply was “*shudder*”.  It’s a lot of work and research.  I love research.  I have scads of free time (don’t judge me).  It would be a good way to meet people.  I wonder if it could work?

I need to find a Wiki-How on how to make a canton.  I need 5 paid members, but at least 20 members paid/unpaid to be recognized by the Barony.  Host a event.  Come up with a period name (the BEST part) and arms.  Get a seneshal, MoaS, chatelaine, exchequer, etc….

I should be daunted by this idea, but I am not.  In the words of the Emperor Llama “Bring it on.”

I doth be crazy.


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