Eye Candy Friday: Olivia Wilde

I almost forgot it was Eye Candy Friday!  Having taken Wednesday off and not blogged, I feel as though I’m a day behind or a week ahead.  It’s very weird.  But, I did come up with some Eye Candy!

Olivia Wilde.  Apparently, she’s an actress or something.  I’m not familiar with her work.  I might have to familiarize myself though, because she’s is smokin’ hot.  Her recent TV role is a doctor on House (and you know that show is going to be a complete dream by a kid who has lupus).  Is it just me or did that show get to be a little big much?  I watched 3 seasons and every episode was essentially the same.  “It’s not lupus” and House abusing prescription drugs and being an all around asshole.


Olivia Wilde

Double Standards...Boo!


There are NO words...

None at all...

I’d like to know what roles specifically she kissed girls…you know…for educational purposes.  <Cough>


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Mr. Mayhead
    Jul 07, 2010 @ 23:39:03

    House season 5, episode 5, “Lucky Thirteen” Olivia Wilde kisses/other hot stuff with girls.


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