SCA En Français!

Today is an SCA event in MTL.  It will be my first event outside the Barony and I doth be excited to go!

I think I am foregoing the Shadow Weaver cloak this trip.  Cortejo, being her generous self, is going to bring me some garb.  Red has said she would trade making me garb for booze or a meal.  She and I must pow-wow because I need some nice garb (for one) and some garb I won’t die in (heat stroke/exhaustion).

I’m thinking pirate garb.  I’ll have to order a cincher and tights but surely a shirt she can make.  Will have to find a pattern for a puffy piratey shirt.  And boots.  Knee high boots.

Still wondering about my persona.  We shall see.  I still want to make my persona knowledgeable about monsters and beasties though.  I’m thinking of ordering a period style blank book and doing a sort of grimoire.  This will be a long term project since I need to learn how to do calligraphy and illumination.


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