Food Poisoning For the Loss

I came down with a bad case of food poisoning from the Dragon’s Feast.  It didn’t exactly make me a whole lot of fun for my company.

Was supposed to get the oil changed in the car but I wasn’t feeling up to being super social yesterday.  The Rachel and I went into Ottawa, hit up a few stores, stopped to have drinks with Jules and Beamish.  I had water of course…I’m so bloody thirsty.  Then we walked around the market, took in all that fantastic sunshine.  We stopped at Sugar Mountain and I found the gum I used to love as a kid.  It’s only got 2 pieces instead of 3.  Everyone thinks when I say “Hot Dog Gum” I mean that it tastes like a hot dog.  Not so.  Was awesome hot cinnamony stuff.  I should have bought some.

As it was I got some candy for when I am feeling better.  I also got a little bag of jelly bellies for Monkey.  That kid was in a mood, boy lemme tell you.  She fell asleep before we’d even left the city though, so it was a relatively quiet ride home.  Rachel and I talked about a bunch of stuff and listened to some tunes.  It was pretty relaxing.  My body enjoyed the fresh air and sun.

I got home, and I think I was awake for all of 15-20 minutes before I laid down to watch some TV and crashed.  I slept from 6ish til 11.  I woke up thirsty as hell and downed some OJ and water before going back to bed in the bedroom.  I slept til 4am without getting up once.  I’m still really tired, my muscles ache and I’m so thirsty.  There isn’t enough liquid in the world to quench this thirst.  I ate a big breakfast, confident I was feeling better, and feeling very weak indeed.  The walk to work was not a good one.  A few times I had to stop to consider going home for fear I was going to toss my cookies.  I’m still feeling queasy, my insides are doing strange things and I’m freezing.  God I hope it’s just poisoning and not the gastro thing.

But having been said, I wouldn’t change the weekend.  I had a lot of fun with the Dragons.  They’re a very nice bunch of folks who were very welcoming despite our boarder “issues”.  I got to meet Freya, who’s hug and kiss over the issue of being disowned by my parents almost brought me to tears.  “I’m not crying.  I’m allergic to…feelings.”

Lydia gave me a kiss.  I was touched.  Til she gave me a wet one and I thought that was gross.  Then she thought it would be funny to lick me.  Or lick her hand and rub that on me.  Kids.  Cortejo said to lick her back.  Finally, I picked her up and licked her forehead.  EW!  This also didn’t deter the wee Miss from licking me at least once more.  All I hear is Cortejo, “SARAH!  Use your words.”  Followed by that evil, wolfish grin.  Women.

I met some other cool people.  I got to bone carve.  I really like that a lot and I am thinking of getting some files.  I will have to see where I can get some good bones too.  And Google patterns to carve.  I didn’t do anything complex on the piece I started.  The SCA is so cool.

I’m so thirsty….I feel like I could drink a lake.

My plans today involve not getting sick, sleeping, getting some air, groceries and writing.  I wonder how much I’ll get done.


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  1. cortejo
    Mar 08, 2010 @ 09:53:25

    You can get bones from your butcher…they save them for dogs. If you want really big bones for really big projects you have ot ask.

    JOhn and I get some from friends who hunt, and large roasts.


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