Gaynip the Crafter?

Hoo boy what a day, what a day I had…yesterday.  Started off on a bad note, but ended on a positive one.  A positively drunk one.  I am pretty lucky to have a group of magnificent friends to rally around me when I’m going through such a difficult time.  I feel very loved and supported.  I have decided that I’m going to keep on keeping on.

The Rachel left her clothes at my house, I found them as I was crawling into bed.  I am relaying this story at work to Office Mom and she exclaims, “What were her clothes doing in your bed?  How drunk did you get?  What went on?!  I don’t want to know!!”  But they were her fancy work clothes, not all that comfortable…so being a good hostess I lent her yoga pants (which she had given to me) and a t-shirt to relax in while she was getting her drink on.  Drinking is like a sport, at least it is for Rachel, so you need to wear the proper attire.

The last couple of days I’ve had an itch to do some kind of a craft but wasn’t sure what.  I think I figured it out…instead of buying that record player I’ve had my eye on (since all my albums are back “home” in my parents basement) I want a sewing machine.  I thought to myself, “Self, wouldn’t it be fun to make a crazy quilt?”  And because I’m excitable when I stumble upon a keen idea, “A big GAY crazy quilt?”  I can see it now.  Yellow as the base colour, but use all the colours of the big gay rainbow.  Plus, because no crazy quilt would be complete without it, embroidery!  I could learn to embroider and put little gay things on it, like a rainbow flag, or a picket sign that says  “say no to h8” and such and such.  I told Cortejo my idea.  She said she wants it.  I’m not sure if she thought it was just me being drunk and silly, but she’s totally getting a gay quilt, like it or not.

Ilanikhan was kind enough to send me a bunch of information in an e-mail on how to embroider and what I will need.  So, I’m going to practice and make sure I can do it all first.  I am excited!  My favourite part of embroidery, at least when my step mom did it, was looking at all the colours of floss.  I know, I know…lame, right?  But they have it in every conceivable shade and hue known to man.  You can get metallic stuff (I hear it’s harder to work with) or multi-coloured floss.  Ultimately, I’d like to also learn how to incorporate beads into it.

This means I can also do SCA stuff, like my coat of arms.  Embroidering the eagle might be way easier than cutting it out and stitching it onto stuff.

I have to call Telus back…they still didn’t fix the incoming date on my text messaging.  It is not 2016.  Although, if it is, I look damn good for 31.

Busy weekend ahead.  I am going to see many people and do many things.  My life feels very full and I feel very happy.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Leh
    Mar 11, 2010 @ 13:20:17

    Drunken SJ is the best! You get to take home brand new stuff she’s convinced she doesn’t need. Thing is SJ…even if it was only the booze talking…you’re not getting those boots back. X )

    Can I get a new hat to go with my new boots too? :) Practice makes perfect! but please, not too many colors. I have a heard enough time already. X P


  2. vongaynip
    Mar 11, 2010 @ 21:38:40

    Haha, the boots are yours my friend! Enjoy them in ways I cannot!

    A hat, eh? I will put it on my list. No idea when I’ll get around to that, but I’ll keep that in mind. No rainbow colours…check. ;)


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