In Which Gaynip Learns to Cross Stitch

I am being crafty today…and not wheels are turning, plotting crafty.  But needle and thread crafty!  When I was in the city, Cortejo and I took the girls to Michael’s.  I wanted to get some embroidery stuff and the girls had money to burn.  I ended up with a cross stitch project, of a froggy.  I had it all opened up on Saturday afternoon but as Reyl can attest, I chickened out.  The house had too much sound (love that) for me to concentrate on learning something new when it comes to that kind of a project.

I mentioned it to Office Mom, and she told me to bring it to work and let her see.  I promised I would come back after my nap and when I did, she had presents for me.  An older book with different stuff about embroidery, quilting (’cause I mentioned The Big Gay Crazy Quilt idea), knitting, crocheting, and more.  Plus, a plastic container filled with her old floss, some needles and canvas for practicing.  She showed me how to get started with my frog and so far, so good.  I really like it.  I’ve got part of his arm in one colour done…I mean, you can’t tell it’s an arm, but I know it is and I’m pleased as punch.  A few snags on the way, like getting my floss all knotted up.  Bah.  But the back doesn’t look too horrible.  Yay!

Cross Stitch Froggy

Cross Stitch Froggy

Yeah, so you can’t really tell that’s an arm…but that’s the most I’ve done on any cross stitch pattern.  I think Office Mom put the center at the wrong spot, the more I stare at this but I could be completely wrong.  Not that I’m upset if the words don’t end up fitting.  Or I’ll move them around.  Leh thinks I should put this on a pillow or something.  I could be an old lady and frame it.

I picked up one of those wooden 3D puzzle things from Michael’s too.  An oriental dragon.  I’m thinking of putting it together and then painting it.  Can’t decide if I’ll paint him green, red and white or red and yellow with a dash of white.  Cortejo called me five again…but I’ll have you know, that this puzzle is meant for kids six and up.  Ha!  Except if I can’t figure out how to actually put it together that just may prove her point.  I don’t care, I’m totally 5 and okay with it.

Something Like This...

I can’t find my industrial strength scissors.  This is the second pair…oh!  Found them.  Figures.

What else?  I might be in the city on Thursday to help Lynette with some pre-cooking for a feast?  Not sure I’ll be much help, but I’m fairly good with instructions.  It’ll be a good time to drop off Emily’s present while I’m in the city.  So tomorrow I shall sally forth and get a card and a bag and tissue.  Maybe more presents.  I haven’t decided if what I got her is enough.

I think I’ll get back to my craft for a bit more before I hit the hay.  I have a feeling this may very well turn out to be an addictive little hobby.


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