Not So Manic Monday

I am wide awake this Monday morning but that’s to be expected after a weekend of having my ass kicked by my sleep disorder.  All I seemed to do yesterday was sleep or exist in a state of exhaustion.  It was my first weekend in some time where I wasn’t completely occupied.  Lately, I have been busy and scheduled to the hilt.  Jam packed weekends, rolling home late on Sunday evening and dropping into bed happily exhausted.  No rest for the wicked they say.  I guess this weekend I was wearing my angel wings.

This whole weekend I just really slept.  Saturday was the first time I’ve slept beyond 8am in a dogs age.  I had to force myself to roll out of bed around 10ish.  Yesterday, I didn’t get up until 9 just in case I decided to go gaming with Ilanikhan.  But I got a sinus migraine and decided to go back to bed around 2pm.  I slept til 5 and was back in bed by 10.  All in all I had 15 hours of sleep yesterday.  That’s excessive.

I had a nightmare about Smelly Man.  The dream had this Tim Burton quality to it…everything was a weird shape with dark colours.  He had flooded the bathtub (claw foot) and tried to soak it up with toilet paper.  We were fighting over how sloppy he was and how I was tired of cleaning up his messes.  He argued back that he cleaned up his own messes.  Intermittently, there would be a crow cawing outside the window.  I had the impression it was a large crow…and I would sometimes make crow sounds back at it.  It would either repeat the sound or caw.  It made my blood run cold and when I woke up, the hair on my body was standing on end.  I couldn’t shake this creepy feeling someone was in the apartment.

Despite waking up with a sinus headache…I am feeling very good today.  Going to get to the City tomorrow.  I got harangued about not staying to have lunch with the girls or hang out.  Seriously, love them, love hang outs.  But I don’t want to be hanging out at work, doing work, when I’m not working nor getting paid.  ‘Sides, I’d rather hang out with my lovely girlfriend.

I had a chat with The Boss on Friday.  He had a nightmare I quit.  I told him if I had to be here too much longer without any of the things my contract promised that it would happen.  He looked stricken.  They are working on getting me there, but they need a place for me.  I heard Jabba is visiting.  Usually when that happens, someone is getting fired.  I know it has something to do with the big weekend in less than a month too.  I’ve also heard some rumours about other folks, so it could happen.  I am eager.

Oh oh oh…my cross stitching is coming along awesomely.  The skull is looking creepy.  I gave Office Mom some cash to get me some canvas.  It was on sale…yay for 4 dollar crafts.  I need more black floss though.  I am running out.

Red got Sharpie on Clavicle this weekend.  Bummed me out.  I told Office Mom but she thinks maybe we could make him a band-aid out of cross-stitch canvas.  Crafts for the win!


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