Eye Candy Friday: Michelle Forbes

I was thinking this morning as I was trying desperately to find my mittens (cold snap of -18 with the wind) about who was going to be eye candy for this week.  I continued to ponder this as I walked to work mittenless with my hands pulled into my sleeves (to distract my mind from the bracing cold).  What about Michelle Forbes?  She’s sort of a hot commodity these days after playing Maryann Forrester/The Maenad on True Blood.  You’ve likely seen her on 24, Battlestar Galatica, and In Treatment.  Plus, if you’re a nerd and over the age of 20 you would know she played Ensign Ro on Star Trek:  The Next Generation.  She was an instant fan favourite, but only appeared in 8 episodes.

Battlestar Galatica

Ensign Ro

The Dancing Maenad

Totally SILF

Rawr...Cougary Goodness

Delicious edition of Eye Candy this week, if I do say so myself.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Cassandra
    Mar 29, 2010 @ 20:50:46

    I’d have to agree. Loved/lusted her in True Blood.


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