Too Tired for This Monday Business

A really great weekend all wrapped up.

Friday we didn’t end up playing table top because The Welshman was wiped from working 8.5 hours of retail hell.  Not to mention I’m going to become the ST for our little group.  I have my work cut out for me, but with the help of the books Lynch gave me, I think I can pull something together.  I’ve already got an idea for the first campaign.  I’ve never played Vampires as a table top, but I’ve done a few different versions of D&D now and even some RIFTS.  Not to mention a little online RPG of a few games.  Heck, somewhere in my possession I have an LOTR Core Book for gaming.  Yep.  Total nerd.

I almost bought a set of aluminum plated D6’s this weekend but since we’re using a gaming system that uses D10’s I passed.  I shouldn’t be allowed in gaming stores.  It’s worse than a candy store.  At least with candy I can tell myself, “If God intended man to eat this much sugar, He would have handed him his teeth in a baggie” but that doesn’t apply in a gaming store.  The universe wants me to game.  It does.

LARP on Saturday night was really fun.  I shadowed for a bit and then decided to jump in with both feet.  It’s a bit different than I’m used to and still learning how to use my abilities and character sheet.  I’ve got to work on my notes this week, they are due by Saturday but since I have plans for the long weekend, I’ve got to have them done by Thursday morning at the latest.

As an aside, The Welshman, Red and I were pondering what clan of vampires we would each be from (cause we’re lame nerds like that).  Welshie says he’d be Tremere with a derangement, Red would be a Toreador (possibly with, you guessed it, a derangement).  When it came to me, the two of them sat there puzzling and puzzling…I’m not crazy enough to be a Malk but not completely rebellious enough to be a Brujah.  Some combination of both.  Later, both of them exclaimed that I shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce.

“We love you, but you should not, under any circumstances have kids.”  I’d be mad except it’s funny and it’s funny because it’s true.

Speaking of derangement…Friday I’m outside of town and I wonder if I’ve shut off the stove.  I probably did.  Then again, last weekend I left the window open.  No, I’m sure I shut the stove off.  Completely sure.  Why can’t I remember doing it?  I remember removing the pan off the burner…but…ugh. Had to turn back and sure enough, the stove was off and all the windows were shut.

Sunday I had brunch with Pezchica.  I finally got to have Cora’s.  I had a wrap that was made from a crepe…inside it was eggs and bacon and swiss cheese.  Came with fruit.  Also, someone told me that you pay by the cup for the coffee at Cora’s and that’s just not true.  Delicious breakfast.  Excellent company.  I had a fantastic time and it was a nice social way to finish up my weekend.

Popped into Michael’s to get floss and instead of spending $2 spent almost $20.  I got the girls some Easter stuff.  Realized I got them nothing that could fit into the plastic eggs I bought.  I’ll have to go see what else I can find.

Didn’t sleep well last night.  I was tired, but when I was in bed all I did was toss and turn.

I feel as though my body is thrumming today with something.  But what?  I have this need to do something.  Restless.  I may work on my storytelling.  Or pick up something to research.  I could paint my dragon.  Finish the skull.

Having a good hair day.  Everyone keeps commenting on the redness of the colour as it fades out.  I can’t wait to be blonde again.  I considered chopping it off…but the look isn’t a good one for me.

I am totally working for the weekend.  Yay for plans!


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