Where Gaynip Dreams of Vampirism

This whole Vampire business is starting to seep into my subconscious.

I woke up at 2am, having dreamed that I was a vampire but that none of my friends from real life were.  I broke the Masquerade and told Cortejo that I was undead.  She was afraid I would eat Lydia and Emily.  I remember trying to play it down with a joke like, “Please.  We don’t eat children, they’re more like a light snack.  Read a book.”  Yeah.  Went over like a lead balloon.  After that, I remember wandering around, I don’t think I ate anyone.  I lamented the fact I was a vampire when it was way cooler to be a werewolf.

I’m trying to come up with some scenarios for the Vampires table top game.  I’ve never even played the game, so I’m unsure of how to go about it exactly.  I have 2-3 ideas to work into a bigger campaign.  I really hope I don’t suck hairy moose testicles at storytelling.  Actually, I hope I don’t suck testicles ever.  Ever. For any reason.

On the agenda either tonight or tomorrow, I need to write my notes for LARP.  I’ve got a good idea what I’d like to get done

Today I think I might take my wooden dragon puzzle apart and paint it.  Try something relaxing.  I’ve got this neat green paint, it’s really a softer green than I was thinking.

I have a t-shirt idea.  I need to go home and play with photoshop.  And by iron on transfers.  Yes.  Yes I do.

Check this out:

Researchers from Virginia’s University of Richmond say that some women are just biologically programmed with a “bad mothering” brain switch.  Craig Kinsley, Ph.D., an associate professor of psychology and neuroscience at the University of Richmond, said his study found that women develop a cluster of brain cells – called maternal neurons – during pregnancy.  After the baby is born, these brain cells are then “switched on,” resulting in good or bad parenting skills.  “We believe that a certain number of these ‘maternal neurons’ need to be ‘switched on’ for good mothering to take place,” Kinsley said.

Interesting theory.  I guess these make the difference between Carol Brady or Andrea Yates.

I just had an old lady call me in the studio to inquire about “those pink things” people put on their lawns.  Flamingos?  “Who do I call to come do that?  I’ve been looking in the Yellow Pages.”



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