Holy Thursday…I’m Tired!

Oh.  My.  God.

Pepsi Max was consumed at 6pm and it kept me awake until midnight.  In that time I got a lot done…

  • Did up the eggies
  • Wrapped the game
  • Googled how to draw an Easter Bunny
  • Trip to the store to get cat litter/an eraser
  • Draw a cartoon Easter Bunny/draw funky font for words
  • Dishes
  • Cleaned the cat litter
  • Took out the garbage
  • Packed
  • Bath
  • Tidied the living room
  • LARP notes
  • Played with Pickles

Pickles was already in bed keeping my spot warm.  I had a couple of glow sticks from the Easter gear that snapped themselves into light.  So I laid in bed and had her chase the bright green bracelet stick for a good 15-20 minutes.   I went to bed around 12:00am this morning and it felt like the alarm went off for work 10 minutes after that.

Cortejo “put her foot down” yesterday (I am picturing a giant rabbit foot) because, I am, apparently “a yellow ribbon away from becoming a chocolate bunny” with this Easter stuff.  I won’t lie, I gave serious thought to buying yellow ribbon last night to tie around myself.  Really, really tempted.  She told me I’m not allowed to buy the girls bunnies.  It never even entered my mind to buy them rabbits.  Mainly because I take issue with buying pets for other people’s children AND buying pets during the holidays.  Like people who buy baby chicks.  It’s terrible.  Although, I do love baby chicks.  But they’re really fragile creatures.  I’ve only held one or two of them in my life time (even when Blake still raised chickens on the farm) because you can give them a heart attack trying to scoop them up.  Little buggers are fast.

I am really, really pleased with how the little card turned out for the girls.  I haven’t picked up a pencil to draw anything beyond my typical doodles in AGES.  It’s not also my style to follow drawing instructions.  When I did draw I was better at looking at the final product and eyeballing it. My “talents” lie with cartoon “art”.  I’ve got a bunch of books back home on cartooning, and when I got any drawing stuff it was usually about how to draw superhero’s, cartoons, etc.  I have a hard time drawing realistic stuff…it never looks…realistic.  I may start drawing again…we shall see.

I have a bunch of new fonts on the computer too, so I went through a few of them to find one that I thought would be fun enough for an Easter card and tried to copy it.  It’s a bit harder than it sounds, but all in all, I think it turned out alright.  The only thing I changed from this photo, was I added “xo xo xo” to the bottom.  I’m sure it’ll get torn up when they rip the paper off the box, but I had fun making it.

The tradition continues…holidays in our house (when I got older) were usually marked with the giving of board games.  When I was bad at math (still am), I got Yatzee!, when my sister was struggling with reading and writing, we got Scrabble or Upwords.  When I needed lessons on world domination, I was given Risk.  Apparently, Lydia and Emily need to work on their biology…cause I got them a copy of Operation.

They are changing all the old school Hasbro games.  Operation isn’t nearly as cool as when I was a kid.  They took the butterfly out.  That was the only piece I could get out of that damn guy, and that’s because it had a raised thorax (body) that you could grab onto with the tweezers.

QLike is trying to fool me this morning.  I threatened to fly to Hali, kick him in the baby maker and come home.  I freakin’ hate being pranked.  It actually pisses me off.  People don’t know how to prank properly.  Too many people use it as an excuse to be an asshole.  It’s like Ellen says, “…You don’t know how to kid properly, ‘cuz we should both be laughin’.”  Little known fact, pranks end at 12:00pm.  It’s not an all day free for all of pranking.

I had a friend who’s boyfriend “pranked” her about breaking up.  Went so far as to say, “No, it’s not a prank” and let her start crying about it and everything.  Then, after all that, he tells her it was just a joke.  Suffice it to say she was relieved.  I would have broken up with him.  For real.  Ass.

Tomorrow I am going to order some tickets for Cortejo and I for Eddie Izzard!!  Take that Stephen Harper…using my GST monies to buy tickets to a comedy show (the arts) of a cross dresser with my girlfriend (gay!).  I like spending my gov’t money on stuff he doesn’t support.

Gonna have an incredible weekend.  Excited to see everyone and have some fun.


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