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What a long weekend!

Thursday night I spent some time with Ilanikhan and in the morning she gave me a lucet and a wee ball of rainbow coloured yarn to practice with.  I am completely addicted and really enjoy doing it.  I will have to ask a few questions about lengths and such.  I think today I will pick up some thinner yarn in black and give that a try.  I figure the time I’m sitting watching TV on the computer, I might as well busy my hands with something useful.

I arrived at Cortejo’s house on Friday afternoon and the greeting the kids gave me, you’d think I was some sort of superstar.  No accounting for taste at that age.  Dyeing eggs and hiding treats was a lot of fun.  Hehehe I guess Emily got a big shock when she discovered there were presents IN her bed last night.  I am a clever bunny rabbit.  Cortejo hid underpants in a box of cereal leaving Lydia to think that Easter Bunny might be a little nutty.

The whole weekend I felt as though my core temperature was running a little on the hot side.  It was a hot weekend (29 on Saturday) but it wasn’t that kind of hot.  It was just this general flushed feeling.  I ignored it because I didn’t feel sick, and though I wasn’t napping like normal, I wasn’t exhausted.  At least, not until Sunday…I thought it was due to the fact we stayed up too late watching a movie and hiding eggs.  Not to mention the hunt kicked off around 6:30am.

Was good to get some sunshine and fresh air.  Had fun seeing everyone at the potluck and being social.  By 2pm I was completely wiped and feeling like a bag of ass (don’t ask, I don’t really know how to explain that).  I started my period 2 weeks early.  Blah.  Not cool.  Cramps.  Intense lower back pain.  And oh my God, the emotions.  Up and down, up and down.  Right before I fell asleep for a nap I had to bank down the urge to burst into tears for no apparent reason.  I would have cried if I’d been alone, but explaining to someone that you’re sobbing for no particular reason is kind of embarrassing.  Not to mention there is that moment where you’re not sure you’re crying ‘just because’ or because you’re wondering what the person is thinking seeing you cry like that.  Just as fast as the emotion had come, it was gone again and I fell to sleep.

Had a very lovely turkey dinner with Helen, Dan and ilanikhan.  The food was amazing!  Then it was a long trip home.  I tried to keep the music loud, thumping, fast and beat heavy.  Nothing soft, soothing or remotely comforting as my eyelids were incredibly heavy.  I was almost home and realized I was drifting off listening to Sting’s Fields of Gold. I think I’m going to make a playlist that’s at least two hours long of loud and engaging songs to keep me going.

Great weekend.  I was completely zonked when I got home, zoned out at work and napped as soon as I got home from work.   Still wasn’t feeling great.  Cramps, feeling cold, cranky as all get out and sore in general.

Got the errands done today.  Got the housework finished up.  The house looks livable and smells like summer rain (oh, Lysol…how I love thee).

I didn’t get any writing done today.  Instead I got sidetracked looking up stuff on fetishes.  Specifically, someone had made the comment they were linked to a person’s IQ.  But they didn’t reference anything, nor did they mention if it was linked to low or high IQ.  Cortejo said she read somewhere it was linked to strong smells.  Some websites claim it goes back to a childhood moment.  Then there’s the more scientific thought process that it’s like a controlled experiment.  The science of what arouses people is a fascinating one.  It’s not just what makes them tick, but what gets them off.


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