Eye Candy Friday: Kirstie Alley

I think I just heard the biggest collective “Whaaaaaaaa???” in the world just now.  Yes, you are at the right blog.  No, I have not gone crazy.

When you think of Kirstie Alley, you probably think of this:

Kirstie Alley

And you know what?  That’s not Eye Candy.  Not because she’s fat, because frankly, that would sound like this, “Hello Pot?  This is the Kettle.  YOU’RE BLACK!”.  What I don’t find attractive about her is that she’s dumpy.  Yeah, she’s big.  But she dresses in the worst clothes ever.  She’s got money, I know she does.  She keeps lemurs.  Anyone who can have a whole habitat for lemurs has dough.  So why she’s wrapping herself in bedsheets she found in the Sally Ann dumpster is beyond me.

I made it all the way through Lent and then some before I made a Kirstie Alley joke, and it didn’t have all the zing in it that it used to.  A little Kirstie candy today…

Great Rack


I had no idea she even had children.  They look nothing like her.

Rockin' Bod

Oh yeah, remember this?  Even though she’s put on the weight, in her heyday she looked better than most of us in ours.  Except that hair.  A bit on the wild side for me.  But I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for it.

Beach Babe

Office Mom showed me a recent picture of Kirstie (which I cannot find this morning) and I have to say, she was looking hot.  I still think she’s crazy as a bag of hair (to borrow the phrase from Cortejo) though.


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