Eye Candy Friday: Reese Witherspoon

I  have always had a crush on Reese Witherspoon.  Even when I was parading around like a straight girl.  Lately, I find she’s a bit too thin, and I keep thinking someone should make that girl a sandwich or two.  Must be a Hollywood thing, the older you get the thinner you get (if you want to keep scoring primo gigs)?

All Smiles


Mrs. Cash

Prima Ballerina

<3 the look on her face

Sultry Slouch

I really love her as a brunette (my kryptonite).  I think my favourite movie role she’s done was in Legally Blond. Not exactly Oscar worthy, but I don’t really care.  There are so many great one liners in that flick.  “…I stopped Cameron Diaz from buying a truly heinous angora sweater.  Whoever told her orange was the new pink is seriously disturbed.”


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