Eye Candy Friday: The Girls of Cosplay

Looking at pictures of cosplay makes me want to try it out.  It makes me remember that I have this dream that one day I will have a “tickle trunk” of costumes for playing in.  I’ve already got a start with my SCA robes, but alas it isn’t enough.  I need a sewing machine and lessons on how to use it so I can geek out to the max.

Today’s Eye Candy is devoted to those geeky girls who put time and effort (and hotness) into their costuming for the sole purpose of being geeks to the nth degree.

Mmm guns

Legend of Hotness

I can’t help but wonder, as an SCA nerd, if those tunics are period.  They’re really cute.

Le Purr...Le Meow...Le Hot

Oh Hai...

All A'Glow

"Go to MY room"

Bang Bang Boom



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