Where Gaynip Gets Called a Boy

Last year at Summer Siege, one of the SCAdians referred to me as a “Lord”.  D and I thought that it was because some people had just found out that I was gay (I guess I didn’t CC everyone on the memo, “I’m still working in radio, still have cats and oh yeah I’m gay”).  I was slightly miffed.  Then D realized it was because I was wearing pants and usually that indicates male persona.  Fair enough.  Unmiffed and amused.

Coronation this past weekend, someone whom I’m pretty sure I’ve never met (but has apparently heard all about me) said something to the effect of “I know a Sarah Jane.  But she’s a girl.  You are a boy.”  I felt kind of embarrassed (as this was at a table full of people where I only knew 2 out of those seated) so I just shrugged and walked away.  Technically, Adelhayt was cross-dressing, not SJ.  I am really very bothered by it and I don’t know why.  I could be feeling hyper sensitive in a way that women only get on a monthly basis.  Or it could be something else entirely.  I am a girl, though, not a boy.

[Sigh]  I will have to think about why this is really bothering me.

That moment aside, the weekend was a fantastic one.  I really enjoyed myself.  I think my favourite part was swearing fealty.  I enjoyed my garb this event and all the attention that it got me.  Bunz invited me over some time to dress me up in some of the boys garb from when she was going to do a male persona.  D got an award for all her hard work and I was super proud of her.  Reyl got his AoA and Emily got a wolf cub award!  They got to sit at head table.  Awesome!  I enjoyed TRM’s viking garb, it was really beautiful.  I have a hankering for leather SCA boots.

I followed her Excellency around for a bit with a parasol and held her coffee mug of power.  I served at feast and had a really good time doing it.  The food was great.  I got to serve a table where I knew some of the people.  The best moment of Feast was when Helly shouted, “I hate kids!”.  I know that doesn’t sound funny but hearing it bellowed out of a kitchen was just riotous.  Poor dear was stressed out to the max.  I got a chance to talk to D for the first time since things with us ended.  It was really good to talk to her and see that things wouldn’t be strained or forced.  We laughed about stuff just like we used to!

I met new people, like Shannon and Nick (I’d met Shannon in November but it was informal and brief), Devin and Ziggy.  I brought my German fairytale books, it was really fun to watch Nick and Ziggy talk about the stories that they knew as kids.

Oh my gosh, I slept on Saturday night!  I fell asleep and went from thinking about the SCA to dreaming about it.  Cortejo adjusted my blanket so I wouldn’t get cold and I woke up.  I didn’t even realize I was asleep.  Crazy!  It was a really light sleep and I kept waking up anytime someone would wake up.  It wasn’t a deep sleep, but it was restful.  I woke up around 5:30 but fell asleep on the floor beside Cortejo in no time.  There was much tomfoolery on Sunday morning after everyone was up.

Last night, sleep came quickly.  I don’t remember closing my eyes.  I didn’t even have time to review the day.  I woke up with a black eye.  Either my allergies are bothering me (likely) or Pickles punched me (sadly, this is also likely).  I’m covered in bruises again, unexplained ones.  I called the doctor’s office and will get my blood work results on Tuesday of next week.

The smell in my house isn’t from the dead plant (it smells too) but because the plumbing is all effed up down here.  I hope it doesn’t smell tomorrow.

I haven’t done a lick of housework except to use the newly fixed washer.  Henri decided not to up the rent.  I better get crack-a-lackin’

Oh…and…weird, but my readership is having it’s highest month since I started this blog last summer.  [Wave]  Thanks everyone!


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