Last night I got to play at the craft table.  I started to make my first mask and it is looking good this morning.  It needs another coat of paper over the mesh.  I am trying to decide if I should punch holes in it now or wait until after I’m finished.  The hardest part is getting the edges to stay smooth.  What I will do with the next coat is do the edges first and then the face, using the paper to  hold down the trim.  I’m also going to start another one (or two) and have them drying while I paint the one I’m doing now.  I think I’ll try to cut out the eyes in one of them.  I wonder if I can use the mesh and maybe the soldering feature on my wood burner to make horns or something?

I am adamant that I will have something productive to do tomorrow night besides falling asleep watching Invader Zim on the couch.  My first Friday night home in months.  The cats will be ecstatic, I’m sure.  They have both been ginormous sucks since I started dating Cortejo.  I feel a little bad about it but I am home most of the week and I do make time for them both.  Maybe tomorrow I will get out the laser pointer and have a bit of fun.  Meeko is hilarious when we play with it, as he’ll chase and chase and then let out this massive pissed off huff.

Oh.  My.  God.  My town is getting it’s first “adult boutique” .  It’s open Saturday and I might pop in before I head into the city.  You know, purely to encourage local business and such.  Not because I’m into anything that “adult boutique’s” sell.  [Cough]

I am frustrated as of late with my SCA persona.  I can’t get it right.  I feel frustrated and at a loss.  I want to do it right, and that is just not happening.  I really liked the name Grima because it means “mask”, suiting the persona since it would be male.  But no.  It sounds like grandma.  I’m not liking a whole lot of other viking names (and I have no idea how to pronounce 90% of them).  Sandarr isn’t bad.  Sand for, well, sand.  arr can mean “army general” or “one who wards, defender” or “spear”.  I should also decide if I want a surname or if I want something like “Grima the Trickster” (as an example).

Guess I’ll just give the entire thing a rethink.

I’m looking forward to a nap and more craft stuff today.


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