Caffeine isn’t a Drug, It’s a Vitamin

I made it all the way to 9:20 without drinking a coffee.  Then Office Mom came in and stood at the end of my studio desk and crossed her arms and demanded to know what was wrong. I told her it was nothing, but she wasn’t buying it.  It could be the bleary, bloodshot eyes.  “I haven’t had any caffeine today!” I declared.  She sighed.

“I think it’s really great you’re giving up pop.  I don’t think people should drink it.  I almost never keep it in the house.  It’s bad for you.”  A funny statement from a woman who used to work for Pepsi Co. but I digress.  “A coffee now and then isn’t going to kill you.”

Not to mention my radio morning show counterparts demand to know if a person can even host a good AM show without the aid of caffeine.  They probably could, if they weren’t battling sleep disorders.  Or detoxing off sugar, chemicals in prepackaged foods and stuffing themselves with veggies and fruit all of a sudden.

Ilanikhan thinks I’m not consuming enough calories in the run of a day and that’s why I’m feeling like crap lately and losing weight.  Problem is I’ve been eating this much (or less) for years.  But she is concerned, so the least I can do is humour a friend and keep track.  Starting tomorrow, I’ll go back to counting calories and I’ll keep track of my sugar crashes.

Speaking of food, today we were down at McDonald’s for McHappy Day.  Red and McAvoy came down from the city and helped out with things, although we ended up doing it from my cellphone.  There was no plug-ins for us to use.  AND Leh forgot to charge the cell after the last time we used it so it was deader than dead.  All that having been said, I had heaps of fun with Red and McAvoy for the couple of hours we were there.  I forget that it’s the charity stuff where I really shine when it comes to live-on-location broadcasts.  I can be silly and say things like “Get your McSelf here and buy a Big Mac for you and a McFriend.”  For helping out and raising some cool cash, we were treated to a Big Mac lunch.  Doctor B says I don’t have hypoglycemia, so I can eat whatever the hell I want (well I’m still fat, so not whatever I want).  I always feel like a bag of crap after I eat McD’s but I felt especially bad after today.  Completely drained of all energy, I had to get Lori to take me home because the approx. 2k walk might has well have been 2000k.

I came home and racked out in the bedroom (new ‘couch’ tomorrow) when the phone woke me up around 4.  I think it was Rachel but honestly I’m not sure.  I felt like I had slogged through wet blankets to pick up the phone, not even the cordless (the living room was too far away).  I crawled back into bed and didn’t get up til almost 5 when I forced myself to get up.  I had too many things to do, otherwise I would have just kept on sleepin’ and worried about it later.

On my mind is some health stuff…one of the numbers on my blood work is too high.  The heart should be under 2, and 3 is too high.  My score was 9.  Last time it was 16.  It has to do with inflammation.  He is going to retest me on some other blood stuff, but not the heart.  He says it’s probably due to the fact I don’t sleep enough and how it’s hard on my entire body.  Something about too much cortisone.  Asked about a history of heart disease.  Lemme see, Great Nanny had a few heart attacks until she succumbed to one a few years ago.  My great aunt Marina had a stroke about 4-5 years ago and last spring my Opa (Mom’s Dad) had a stroke too.  I’m a little worried, not going to lie.  But quitting the junk and getting back on my bike is going to help.

Tonight I got the dishes done, the freezer is emptied out of all unclean things (it’s so bare!) and the fridge lost a few things as well (I’m going to miss E.D. Smith jam).  The cat box was getting skanky so I dumped it out completely and hosed it down.  Laundry is still in the dryer.  Picked up stuff at the grocery store.  Got cash for the weekend.  Still need gas but I’m hoping that it’ll get cheaper before Friday.  Hoping.  I still need to vacuum the floors and wash ’em but I’ll wait til tomorrow, I don’t want to be rude and wake the lady upstairs (she’s asleep by 9pm).

Since I don’t have to appear in public tomorrow, I think I’ll take the bike into work.  I’ve got to remember that if I’m going to do that, I need to pack a good snack for the ride home.  I’m usually crashy by the time 10am rolls around that even walking is hard, let alone powering a bike.  I brushed up on the bike signs too…I don’t have confidence that motorists know them, but it gives me some peace of mind.


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