And So It Starts

I picked up a program called FitDay to keep track of what I’m eating.  It’s sort of rounding up with the calories at the moment, but I figure since I’m not measuring everything precisely, this can be permitted.  Isn’t it funny how something like a computer program, something that has no voice, can make you feel worse about yourself than when another human being (say, hypothetically, your doctor) tells you that you’re fat and should go to fat camp.  I mean, this program didn’t do anything, and yet I feel as though it reached out and jiggled my tummy and said “Who’s a fat little DJ?  Hmm?  Does someone like candy?”

The idea was to track my calories for the week and the really nifty thing about this program is, it measures everything.  You tell it you ate half a cup of yogurt and it’ll tell you how much of that is fat, how much of that is protein etc.  Then when you’re putting in all the stuff you’ve eaten, it gives you a little pie chart to show carbs, fats and proteins.  Today, I didn’t eat enough protein.  It’s 4:30 in the afternoon and I’ve barely cracked 1000 calories.  Mind you, I haven’t eaten supper yet.

The other neat thing it does, is you enter in all the stuff you do.  Like sleeping, sitting around, digesting, exercising and it tells you how many calories you burn doing that stuff (based on how long you do it and the energy output).  Want to know something freaky?  I’m burning more calories than I’m eating.  How the hell is that possible?  I’m not doing anything.  I had 2 bike rides today, some moderate standing up exercise and later tonight some heavy lifting exercise (when we haul the mattress and bed frame in).

While I’m into the program it tells me I can set a weight-loss goal.  I am, apparently, just over the line from overweight to obese.  Just over it.  Not even a whole point.  “Harken to this, fatty at the computer,” it says (okay it didn’t actually say that) “You can set yourself a goal!”  Based on what I’m burning for calories, what I’m doing for exercise and whatnot.  Okay, so I put a goal in there.  20lbs.  I gave myself til the 5th of August to do it.  It tells me that I have to lose 1lb (and change)/week for this to be met.  Sounds simple enough.

Hitch?  Putting the data in for what I’ll probably eat for supper I’m still about 300 calories shy of 2k.  I could do something to amp it up but then it adds more carbs and carbs make me crashy.  I don’t think I’ve eaten enough veggies or fruit today but that does nothing to amp up my protein either (I am seriously lacking in protein).

All that being said, I’ve been eating essentially this way for the last 3 years.  It doesn’t explain the weight loss in the last 4 months.  Even going for walks everyday won’t cut it.  According to the program, a moderate walk for 1 hour kills about 200 calories.  What’s sad is that 16 minutes on my bike does almost half of that, and I’d like to do more but I’ve got a raging case of bicycle ass.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt more like a lazy sack or such a fat schlub.

So here’s the plan…

  • More protein.
  • More veggies.
  • Force myself to bike even with the sore ass.
  • Try skipping…10 minutes at a snail’s pace burns as much as 16 minutes on the bike.  At a moderate speed it’s half of what an hour long walk is.
  • If I’m gonna sit here, might as well lift some weights.
  • Get a scale.  I hate those bastards.

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