Eye Candy Friday: Olympians

My little gray cells were working overtime as I tried to think of a new Eye Candy theme last night.  I had a whole mental list going, but not a paper (or digital) list so of course I forgot whom I had chosen for this week.  Finally, I had to cave and ask the girlfriend for ideas.  I really liked what she came up with, and one of the ideas is going to require some additional effort, so for this week we’ll go with my second choice on her list.

This week it’s all about hard bodies putting in the hard work to get the gold.  I’m talkin’ about Olympic athlete’s.  Goddesses of Sport.

Alicia Sacramone US Gymnastics

Almundena Cid Spanish Rhythm Dance

Amanda Beard, US Swimming

Britta Heidemann, Germany - Fencing

I wish all fencers were this cute.  I’d take it up in a heartbeat.

Cheryl Pounder, Canada - Hockey

Kate Hollywood, Austrailia - Hockey

Lolo Jones, USA - Track & Field

Look at that stomach!  I could do my laundry on that stomach!  I’d probably get arrested though…

Sue Bird, USA - Basketball


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Elizabeth
    May 21, 2010 @ 07:07:18

    I love Sue Bird. Saw Seattle when they played in Detroit a number of years back. I was playing with fire by cheering for Seattle, but so be it :)


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