Where Gaynip Rises from the Sleep-Coma

I feel so fantastic right now, like lightning in a bottle.  I did 6k on my bike in 25 minutes at a vigorous pace (with some uphill) in the hardest gear.  I got my heart rate up to 120, and based on the chart, for my age it’s within the optimum range for exercise (anything less than 117/minute means I’m not trying).  I’m happy with that number because a few years ago, I was just walking uphill in snow (fairly good pace and at a somewhat steep incline) and my heart rate was an alarming 200.  200 would have been just over the maximum my heart should ever hit (I turned kind of a purple colour and there was an intense pounding in my ears and behind my eyes).  Amazing what time and a little bit of respect for your body can do.

Google-ing for proper musculature terminology, my quads hurt.  In a good way.  They are rubbery and protest when I stand up.  I was pretty sweaty when I got in from my ride, including forehead sweat.  I consider that to be an indicator of a good workout because I don’t get sweaty-head unless I’m pushing myself.  I need a shower, I probably smell.  Most people wouldn’t be so excited about sweat but I am a lazy sack of a human being who used to think the walk to the fridge counted as exercise.  Hefting that microwavable dinner out, using precious calories ripping the cardboard box open and peeling back the plastic.  With my last ounce of effort, hitting 5 minutes on the microwave and lamenting about how long it takes to cook a TV dinner.  Laziness personified.

My problem these days is fatigue.  I don’t want to go ride my bike because I’m tired but I know that it’s good for me and I’ll feel better for having done it.  It’s just a matter of getting on the bike and going.  If I can at least commit to 9k (what I did in total today) at least 3x per week, that’ll be golden.  The nights I’m not on my bike or the weather isn’t optimal (raining or way too hot for me to be exerting myself) I will lift weights, do some skipping, sit-ups and when the weather gets warm, go swimming.

Today is the second day without sugar crashing.  I got hungry around 9am-ish but haven’t found myself getting shaky, or at least perceptibly so.  I’m tweaking my breakfast routine.  This morning I had half of the rye bread with almond butter, an egg, an ounce of cheese and a cup of coffee.  Breakfast was just shy of 400 calories.  I’m thinking the bigger breakfast is a must for me (what Ilanikhan had been saying all along).  Yesterday, breakfast was much closer to 500 calories.

I’m thinking the fish is really doing wonders (I didn’t have any today) and I should stock up on tuna.  The bummer is that I really like tuna with mayo but that has sugar in it.  I wonder if I can find some without around here.  I did find this recipe for homemade stuff that doesn’t have sugar.  Maybe, while I’m attempting to make high carb pancakes, I will make some mayo.

My plans for the weekend continue to evolve.  I’m still heading down a day early, with family bringing me back to Ottawa for some shopping and then dropping me off at my car which I’ll ditch at Cortejo’s place.  I need to remember to pack some food that I can eat to keep my sugar levels at a tolerable level.  Plus, since I didn’t register, something to eat on Saturday.  I would like to serve at feast anyway, since it’s an opportunity to be social and see people enjoying (or not enjoying – that can be funny – “Jellied fish?”)  the meal.  D really got sick at this feast last year though, so I may just pack a lunch and not worry about it.

I’m looking forward to the event itself.  I’m not sure I’ll get my garb done.  I’m putting it off.  The center gore has me flustered.  I know it’s 10.5 and so many down from the shoulder line.  I know I don’t cut ALL THE WAY UP but I forget the rest.  I don’t want to wreck it all up.  I’m such a wuss.  I was kind of hoping that it would be a little cold this Saturday so I could wear my robes.  [Sigh]  Tomorrow, I will ask Ilanikhan to explain again what parts I’m forgetting and then buckle down and get to work.  Next time, I should take notes.  My brain can’t be trusted after a sugar crash to remember the finer details.

I had to record a few things in my blog for posterity and because they simply make me laugh…

Lynch takes the whole Mob (and myself) to breakfast at Ikea.  He gets little Miss Lydia a blueberry smoothie in a juice box.  The straw is bigger on one end to puncture the box.  I try to explain to her she’s using the wrong end, but she’s 6 and hell bent on doing it her way.  No biggy.  Later, Lynch tells her the same thing and as he’s saying it, the straw disappears into the box.

Me: Why don’t you just suck on the hole?  (That’s what I did when I was a kid…puncture the juice box, throw out the straw and suck on it)

Reyl: [Leaning over and whispering to me]  You are such a lesbian.

I laughed so hard I choked on my home fries.  He’s not allowed to be funny while I’m eating anymore.

Cortejo is driving FinalCut to work on Friday afternoon and they’re having some kind of discussion in the front seat that I’m only half listening to.

Cortejo: [Something something something] …when I hit puberty.  It’s Sarah’s fault.

Me: What?!  I would have been 2!!

The look on her face in the rear view mirror was priceless as we had a good laugh at that.


Me: You can blame me for a lot of things, but I’m pretty sure you can’t make something that happened when I was 2 my fault!

Cortejo: I was 14, not 13.  I hit it late.

Me:  Fine.  3.

I really do forget sometimes that we aren’t closer in age.  My guess is because she’s as silly as I am…

Me: You know, between the two of us, we make a whole adult.


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