Where Gaynip Sews Some Viking Garb

I am feeling like the bee’s knee’s today, let me tell you!  It’s day 3 of being not crashy and shaky (almost, when I realized it was 9:30 and I hadn’t eaten a snack yet) and even managed to make it til almost 7 before I had to have some supper.  It was protein heavy and I daresay very little sugar.  I really need to stock up on tuna.  That stuff is amazing.  I really wanted to put mayo in it (I still have some in the fridge) but I told myself, “It has sugar, you’ve been doing good the last few days.” and skipped it.  To my delight, the tuna was good all by itself!

After my nap this afternoon, I trekked back into work to put some effort into my new tunic.  I wanted Office Mom around because she’s used a sewing machine before and frankly 2 heads are better than 1.  We’re pretty sure the back center gore isn’t perfect but it isn’t too shabby either.  I hit a SNAFU when the bobbin started to tangle up and I couldn’t get it to thread right.  As I get Ilanikhan on the phone, wouldn’t you know it, it thread.  Hung up and what happens?  Rats nest, again.  I fuss and fuss and fuss with it.  Can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.  Then I realize, I’m not sure how, that the arm that bobs up and down isn’t frickin’ threaded.  Geeeesh.  That seemed to sort out the issue.

The only other problem was I sewed the arms shut.  Not the holes (I’m not that stupid) but the underside of the sleeve.  What I was supposed to do was sew it while it was still open to the tunic and then sew it all together.  Ah well.  Office Mom is bringing a stitch ripper to work tomorrow and I’ll finish it up.  I worked on it for a good 4 hours (3.5 not including the thread snaggling).  I should be able to finish it tomorrow.

Super proud of myself!  I texted Cortejo to ask her if she’d show me how to bead embroider on it too so that I can snazzy it up a bit.  I am hoping it goes better than sewing the pearls onto her stealth coronets back in February.  God those toques were a nightmare to get the pearls on, but it was a fun project and she pretends to like them.  ;)

I’m contemplating another SCA project tonight.  Practice run.  I don’t think it’s going to be my forte but I really just love to try everything at least once.  I wish I could win the lotto, quit my job and do SCA projects all day long.  I totally would.  Everyday would be an A&S day!  A&S and Naps Day.  Yeah!

Talked to Ers on the phone tonight when I called O.M. about a stitch ripper.  She told me all about her day (really cute) and why she didn’t want to be in the school concert.  And then said, “Sarah Jane, tell me a story!  You always tell such great stories.”  Sadly my brain is completely frazzled so I couldn’t come up with one.  I have to think of something by tomorrow.  I’m sure it’ll come to me.  The pressure of being funny is intense some days, especially with kids.

Tomorrow is going to be a longer day.  Finishing my tunic is high on my priority list.  I’ve got to record a segment for this weekend/next week.  AND I start voicing for our sister station, so I’m going to try and get that done tomorrow night.  Saturday/Sunday you can catch me from 3p-8p on 98.5.  It’s going to be a pretty basic show to start off until I get accustomed to their formatics.  5 breaks/hour, 2 sweep breaks and 3 full content breaks consisting of station promo and then whatever else.  The Boss will be monitoring these closely.

The Sizzle is really ticked off.  My switching to PM is affecting his life, he’s got “stuff to do”.  Don’t we all, buddy?  I’m sick, I’m tired, I’m stressed.  I couldn’t give a flying Fig-Newton if he has stuff to do.  Maybe if he was a nicer guy.  Sure.  Then I might have a bit of guilt.  But he’s been nothing but a giant dick to me in the 2 years I’ve been here (culminating in his offer to fuck the gay out of me).  His complaints are fallin’ on deaf ears.

Oooh man yesterday I was at the office and Praying Mantis had some “hot sauce” and “hot salsa” for everyone to try from a local company on the French side.  I demanded to try the hottest of the hot.  My eyes welled up and I started drooling.  So awesome.  I need some of that stuff.  Yellow habanero pepper mash.  Not the hottest thing I’ve ever had (once had thai noodles that made me cry from the heat/pain) but really decent.  I’d love to slather it on some wings or ribs.  Nom.

I’m really happy that the hair dye I put in a few months ago is washing out.  The downside is that because there are spots where the blonde is so blonde it looks white, everyone thinks I’m going gray.  My favourite was last Friday when I was lying on the couch (a bit dizzy after an emotional high) and Cortejo commented, while looking down at me, “I think the blonde will suit you!”.  I should hope so, it’s natural!  Bunz thought I was going gray.  Bite your tongue madam!  It’s too soon for that just yet.  I’m already getting wrinkles for the love of Mike!


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