Can I Get a Woot Woot?

Today was my last Monday morning for what I’m hoping is a long time or forever.  I’m being switched to afternoons to groom me for working in the city and so that my poor body gets a bit of a break.  [Kermit flail of ‘yaaaaaay’]

Is it just me or is it way easier to eat healthier and deal with it when your body completely revolts at the idea of haing junk food.  I’m finding my cravings for junk are less and less in the last few weeks.  Mind you, yesterday I got this weird jonesing for a knackwurst.  Totally not good for me but it made me salivate just to think about it.  Off my list of foods is Kraft peanut butter.  Sugar crash both mornings I had it that required lots of almonds and cheese later.  I was really really crashy last night.  Problem was solved with a glass of orange juice and a good walk with ilanikhan.  I was absolutely vibrating at dinner and couldn’t keep it under control.  It really freaks me out when it gets like that.  I think it was a combination of stress and sugary foods this weekend.  Everything just caught up with me.

The event was nothing short of spectacular and I’m so pleased that the puppets went over well.  Reyl and I make an excellent comedy duo.  We started out rather quietly and before we were called into court we got loud and very silly.  “Wassail!  Wassssail!  Belly bump!!”  I’m so glad that my penchant for mischief and silliness can carry over into the SCA.  Galfrid’s reaction to my new persona name was exactly what I was going for.

Me:  SANDARR THE BEARDLESS!  [I’m doing my best to look manly and tough at this point]

Galfrid:  Bwahahahaha!  I love it!  I’m Galfrid the Tiny!

What else?  I have a new nickname as well, which is “Coffee Wench”.  But since I have a male persona, maybe Coffee Knave would be better suited.  I learned that Shyska wanted to ask to fight for me that day but got all shy and then a little thrown off by the idea of female fighter/male persona thing.  Flattered.  Maybe next time I won’t evoke such shyness from her and she’ll manage to ask.  I think this means I need some kind of manly favours.  I know that back in the day, knights would fight for sleeves or hair ribbons and such…but since I’m a “boy”, it will require some thought.

My super-awesome girlfriend is rocking my socks especially hard today.  I was saying that I was re-thinking my device because I changed my persona.  Contemplating a wolf because I love the story of Fenrir, which I had told her briefly about on Saturday.  Not only did she remember but suggested a great idea to incorporate it into my arms!  I’m hoping that I’ll get to sit down today and work on it with photoshop.  I love the SCA.

I got in last night at 11pm and didn’t hit the bed til 12:30am.  The cats were being complete sucks.  I didn’t finish my LARP note but I don’t really want to play.  I’m not as into it as I am into table top.  I want to sit down I think, once I get onto my new schedule and work out some scenario’s for a couple of games and finally get that going.  I stayed up chatting with Shyska and Pishkin when I should have gone to bed but I was a bit wired up.  Plus, I’ll sacrifice a little sleep to flirt.

The last several days have been wreaking havoc on my emotional state and I am finding myself insecure and full of second guesses.  I’m not handling it well at all and kind of sickened myself that I went so far as to get teary eyed.  Napping helped a lot.  Some days I really love that I let some of my emotions come out to play, as they are wonderful and make life better.  Problem is once I let some of them out, the ones I don’t like tend to slip past my defenses.


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