Everywhere I Go, People Know the Part I’m Playin’

If you were to look up the term “completely fucked” one of the listed definitions would be “see Gaynip”.  I’ve got 3 days left of this shift but my body is way too eager about a later bedtime that it’s starting the process of switching into it’s normal routine.  It fascinates me that my body has started to do this without permission from me, at least not on a cognitive level.  It is making getting up in the morning really hard but I keep telling myself that I’ve only got a few days left.

This weekend my plans are light.  I’m eagerly anticipating some time at home and some time with friends.  It’ll beat last year’s long weekend of going through my first break-up with a girl which involved sulking around the house and watching movies.  Oh, and you know, nursing D back to health after a nasty bout of food poisoning that had her staying several hours at our local hospital.  I’m planning on cooking this weekend, so there is still a risk of food poisoning.  I’m armed with meds though!

Today, I need to go up to the grocery store and pick up some food.  I am going to pick up stuff for the high protein pancake recipe I found online.  I’m brainstorming ideas for supper on Saturday night.  I’m thinking of making something in the crock pot (pasketti?) and then have something on standby just in case it isn’t to Cortejo’s taste.  It’s one of the best things I cook though, so I might be safe.  Plus, I’m going to buy a mini charcoal BBQ.  It’s much different from cooking with gas, that’s for darn sure.  I’m feeling adventurous!  Tonight, my palate demands a hamburger.

I have been wasting copious amounts of time this morning researching puppets.  The article I keep finding surmises that the first sock puppet might go back to 12th century.  It would have been done with knitted socks and obviously not with googly eyes.  Glove puppets are period, so I may make a few glove puppets.  I found a pattern for a bunny which is perfect for the Barony.  I think it would be fun to do some puppet plays at events.  I’d like to ultimately do a marionette.

Last night I had my first ever internet date!  Pishkin has a webcam (I just have a mic because Vista hates my cam) and so we chatted with each other for about 2 hours about this and that.  She gave me a hard time for living so far away.  I am hoping I’ll see her again this summer at one of the events.  Sadly, she works Saturdays as the summer is their busy months.  Boo-urns.

Taking me completely by surprise this morning:  Amy Sky does a  great cover of “Wicked Game”.

What’s making me laugh this morning:  I was looking through my baby book and reading some of the stuff Mum had put in there (something I’d never really done before) and under the list of favourite songs and stories she writes that at the age of 3 and a half months my favourite song was David Lee Roth’s “Just a Gigolo”.  Comical.  I’m going to have to youtube it because I don’t know it offhand.


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