Eye Candy Friday: “Plus Size” Models

You know what sickens me?  This:

Eat a sammich!

Where do I start with what’s wrong with this photo?  The fact she looks exhausted.  That I can play a song on her ribs.  I’ve seen more meat on a sparrow’s leg than on this girls entire body.  It’s really not attractive to me.  I want to bring her home and feed her.  Mind you, if she ate a crinkle cut french fry, you’d be able to make out the shape of it in her stomach.  It’s like skin stretched over bone.

Today’s Eye Candy is dedicated to plus size models.

Hubba hubba!!

I Can Haz Naow?


I'd Like to be fit with her Retro Curves


I Wanna Be in the Middle!!

Be still my beating heart!

This is on the heels of THIS.  I plan to rant about it on my last morning show today.  What the hell, too fat to work at Hooters?  Look at her!  Their wings have more meat on them.  If this girl got any smaller and then brought me my lunch (cause that’s why anyone goes to Hooters), I’d insist she eat it.  5’8 and 132 lbs…that’s about 10lbs over what the minimum weight should be for her BMI (I know this because she and I are the same height).  Ugh.  Urge to write a letter is rising…rising…


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