Why Hello There Saturday…

Yesterday was my last day doing mornings for the foreseeable future.  Maybe down the road I’ll be willing to put my health on the line again, but given the circumstances of the last 6 months, I think it’ll be a few years down the road, if ever.  It was an alright start to the morning.  Thursday I found out that we were changing our sell line and that’s always tricky.  You get accustomed to saying things a certain way, it’s hard to break yourself of that habit.  Wasn’t too bad.  There’s a grace period.

I thanked everyone for listening for the last 2 years and making me part of their mornings.  I was feeling a bit weepy as Ilanikhan and Shane both told me they would miss our chats in the morning, miss listening to me and of course I would miss them both too.  It was a bitter sweet moment.  I’ve never worked any other on-air shift in a full time capacity since I started!  I went from part time swing to full time mornings.  A bit mistake on the company’s part because I was nowhere near ready to be on the air full time in the biggest slot.  I had huge shoes to fill and I didn’t fill really start to fill them til my second year, and by my third I was out growing them (if I may beat that analogy to death).

I finished off the day with a lot of tracking and a huge fight with the guy who’s taking over in the morning.  It sort of put a damper on the day but the show itself went off without a hitch.  I even got a little ranty at 8:15 and Cortejo forced herself to listen to that at least.  One day, maybe, I’ll work for a radio station that doesn’t make my girlfriend want to wretch.  Even the songs she likes, she hates.  Tough crowd, eh?

After the fight I came home and loaded up on protein but I still couldn’t get my sugar under control.  I meditated.  For hours I had felt like if I had hackles they would be raised.  The back of my neck was tense and I felt snarly.  I dropped into sleep pretty easily and woke up vibrating.  I ate, still felt icky.  I ate more, still icky.  Finally, I caved and sucked on a spoonful of honey after I burst into tears for no apparent reason.  But I’m not hypoglycemic or anything.  [Eye roll]

Did a bunch of much needed housework.  I am still finding glass from that coffee carafe I broke a few weeks ago.  I tackled the bathroom too, while I was in cleaning mode.  I chatted a bit with the girls during all of this and listened to some music.  Finally, after everyone went to bed I relaxed on the couch with a bevy of movies.  Iron Man was awesome.  I fell asleep watching the rest of them.  I think the last thing i remember hearing was, “When can the puppies leave their mother?  Two weeks?  Three weeks?”

I had a dream that Cortejo was Madame Mim.  Not because they look alike (but they are the same height) but more her style of evil.  Not concentrated evil like Maleficent (but as sexy as – what?  …Moving on), but more a funny kind of evil.  You know, the way Mim plays with Wort when he’s a little sparrow.  They’ve even got the same sort of cackle, come to think of it.  I don’t recall what the dream was about exactly but that at some point I realized that I was dating Madam Mim and the rest of the dream was me trying to keep her from turning into an evil pink dragon.  It probably doesn’t help that a.) The Sword in the Stone was in the playlist for movies so it was probably affecting my dreams and b.) that my girlfriend is a somewhat evil Medievalist.

I slept in til 7 this morning.  That never happens (ask Cortejo).  I put on a crock pot of spaghetti sauce this morning.  I have the bread maker.  I wonder if I could make bread today?  I’m not feeling particularly motivated to do a whole lot.  I want to just be a lazy asshole today and do crafts and sit on my ass.  If it gets nice out later, I want to explore the path next to the house and see if I can’t find a cool spot to meditate outside.

Tonight we are going to have supper, watch a movie and do some beading.  Maybe I’ll wander up to the dollarstore.  I should dig out the beads I already have and survey what I’ve got.  I’ve also been distracted by tutorials on how to do chain work.  Oh man, I am a total magpie lately.


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