May 2-4 a Success!

Really great weekend has just passed me by.  I spent Friday night by myself and cleaned the house, it really needed to be done in a major capacity.  I stretched out on the couch and fell asleep watching movies.  Saturday, Cortejo showed up around supper time and we had a most lovely time doing beading stuff together and chatting.  We watched 3 episodes of The L Word, she’d never watched it before, and could totally see why the show caught on.  Season 1 was decent, but it got better as the show went on, but by season 5 I think I was ready to kill Mama Chaiken.

Sunday after Cortejo left I had a coffee, packed up my stuff and was on my way.  I tested out my new goggles because the visor is a bit busted and it keeps sliding around when I use it.  I got to Ilanikhan’s in great time (even after stopping for gas and cash).  Off we went to the big Farmer’s Market in the city.  I am sort of wishing I’d got myself the chain maille rainbow bracelet but I’m thinking I’ll order some coloured jump rings and make one myself.  Then we hit the Market downtown and checked out all the booths and stalls.  I was going to buy myself a new cadet cap (the fedora’s they had weren’t anything special) but I can’t justify spending $30 on a hat.  Not on one that doesn’t make me go “OMGISOKUTEMUSTHAVETAKEMONIESKBAITHXS”.

We had brunch at Mother Tuckers and did a bit more shopping.  I found this awesome coat at Trivium but it’s mega long and meant for someone as tall as Lynch.  Too bad because it was full of the awesome.  They had a display case of hair dyes (funky colours like neon pink) and I had to tell myself “NO!” a few times and walk out of there.  I talked Ilani into some rolly luggage.  “You’re here now and have a pack mule to help you…”.  I am a “bad influence” hehehehe.  The two of us caught Iron Man 2 that night.  It was incredible.  I still hate Robert Downey Jr. but he plays Iron Man very, very well.  I think we can expect a third movie yet in this franchise.  But I’m really disappointed that they replaced Terrance Howard with Don Cheadle.  It just wasn’t the same.

Monday we picked up Cortejo and little Lydia for breakfast at Final’s restaurant.  Sugar crash of doom.  Honey and sweetener doesn’t seem to be a good idea.  Nor is it a good idea to use that much in such small cups.  I can’t be certain, but I think at breakfast I can handle only a certain amount of sweet.  Usually a spoonful of honey in my coffee is just fine.  This is the second time I’ve had it on bread (in a meal with protein) and I have a sugar crash.  I’ve had Splenda before, without a crash, but usually just 2 not 3.  Now I know it’s coming, I can feel it bubbling just under the surface.  I start to feel kind of flush and as soon as I start to say things like, “I want to be able to eat food without feeling shitty!” (or similar) this is a good sign it’s coming.  We weren’t even 2 streets away and I was having an anxiety attack in the car, and I felt like the seatbelt was trying to kill me.  I felt really trapped.  I was trying to tell my brain to calm down, to take normal breathes, to stop freaking out but it didn’t listen.  Frustrating.  It was one of the longer ones I have had.  I did manage to get it under control but then I felt limp and my thoughts were murky.

Cortejo and Ilanikhan asked me if I wanted something to eat, or some sparkling juice.  I shook my head ‘no’ even as my brain was telling me to say yes.  It’s hard to explain how that works.  Cortejo sent Ilani back out to the car with the juice and a granola bar anyway.  My brain was broken, not theirs.  Glad they’re smarter than I am.  I’m pleased that I’ve got a case of that juice coming.  After drinking some of it, I felt clearer, and back to my talkative self.  I didn’t do a full recovery but that’s fairly normal for that kind of a reaction.  Juice seems to fix the problem almost immediately.

We got back to Ilani’s and I made myself a peasant bag.  I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.  I really want to bead stuff on it to snazzy it up a bit.  I think I will keep practicing and maybe when I get good, I’ll put the design I picked out that Cortejo said was too complicated.  I haven’t really decided.  So, the two of us hung out together and watched Charmed while we worked (she was fixing the flooring and puttering around).  Then we went over to Dan and Helly’s and fired up the camping stove, to test out bread making.  I drilled some holes in a bit of wood so I could have the accessory for the bracelets I’d like to learn to make.  Bzzzzzzz…SNAP…uh oh.  Broke the 1/8th drill bit.  Ilani seemed unconcerned and even pointed out that others of a similar size were broken (in fact, of that very size!)

I popped in on the Lynch Mob before I headed home to drop off a set of books for Lydia to have read to her.  I hope she likes them.  They’re about a Princess who doesn’t feel like following the rules and becomes essentially a Lady in Waiting to the dragon Kazul.  They’re meant for kids but I found them while ordering Brandy the Twilight books (before they got obnoxiously popular and cult-like fan-based.).  I was happy to see Lydia in a better mood and she was feeling silly and affectionate, so we played the Goblin Game for a few minutes at the base of the stairs until she disappeared with the books.  Her new haircut is adorable.

This morning I woke up at 4 am… “Murrr…no worky” rolled over and went back to sleep til 6.  I padded over to the computer and hit our website.  Listened for an hour and it was terrible.  Absolutely terrible.  Skipping breaks.  Not popping in between songs.  Didn’t import the new Joke of the Day features from the FTP.  NO content AT ALL in the 6am hour.  None.  I mean, zip, zilch, NADA.  Ugh.  Not even liner card material (required but hated by all jocks).  He missed the :40 break entirely and was over for the news by 3 minutes at the :30.  He didn’t intro the joke properly.  I chatted with Ilanikhan about it for a bit and we both shut it off at 7am.

On the one hand, I’m frustrated because it’s like he didn’t even attend that announcer meeting for me to hand things over.  He sat there, snapping his gum and saying “ya ya ya” at me until I was ready to choke him.  I thought he should write things down, he gave me a “shove it” type look.  Fine.  Problem is that if he keeps effing it up, they’ll transfer me back.  And I’m not sure I’ll go.  I’m not going to be punished for his mistakes.

But it’s his show now, and it doesn’t fit the format and it doesn’t measure up.  I don’t know that I can listen again.  It makes me sad to know that 2 years of work was out the window.  Not that it’s my problem.  Out of my hands.  I am excited to be doing the afternoon drive show today.  I imagine I’ll be pretty freakin’ exhausted by about 3 or 4 pm.  I fell asleep early last night.  Tonight, I plan to have a nap, then have supper and maybe a coffee or a bike riding to keep myself awake.

I couldn’t even keep my eyes open for Pish last night, who had promised to come back after her raiding to chat.  And she did, to her credit.  But I was sound asleep.


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