Just Another Day in Paradise

Oh what a day I have had.  I got up “early” (7:30) and got a phone call around 9:30 asking me what I was doing up.  I had sent Office Mom an e-mail regarding some drama with the staff coffee machine.  I had left a note for Smelly Man to wash it with soap and hot water, after I noticed he hasn’t been cleaning it.  I had started to, left it to soak, only to find out he didn’t do anything further except dump out the soapy water and put the carafe back on the burner.  That might not be so gross except it still had smudges in the grime from where I’d rubbed it the day before.  Nasty.

He had sent me an e-mail this morning saying I should wash the pot myself.  The hell I will.  I sent him one back and when I went in, the pot was “clean”.  It still needs to be cleaned properly, but that’ll do for now.  I plan to buy some coffee beans and grind coffee for use at work.  I think.  I don’t know that I can drink an entire pot alone anymore, nor do I want to.

I did a bit of shopping in the morning, as I made it out of the house by 10:30.  I didn’t find what I was looking for but found something suitable.  Leh had perfect timing and made it in while Office Mom was gone to sign the card and even gave me $10 toward the gift.  Bob picked up his own gift, thinking I forgot.  He did sign my card though.  Red had me write her message for her since I didn’t have the foresight to do any of this last week.

The day went fairly smoothly, except for a hitch with my prod computer.  There’s this Windows thing that keeps freezing up the machines.  It’s a serious resource hog.  It downloads and installs updates while I’m on the air, trying to download traffic and news.  We missed a traffic updated and just made the news for 4pm.  Took almost an hour to get it all sorted out.  We ended up dumping the program.  We need to find something that’s going to protect while being a small and resource-lite program.

It was around this time that my new stalker arrived.  I knew it was him when he walked in the door.  I never get tiny little pencil necked stalkers.  I get these big, barrel shaped guys with thick necks, giant arms and massive hands.  He hugged Terry and she looked so startled.  I hid like a coward in the studio.  The guy was blowing me kisses and waving at me through the windows into the studio.  He watched me, mouthed things to me, and bothered the girls.  He hung about for 40 minutes and finally Bridgette told him she was locking up and I was clearly busy.  He told her that he loved me and that I was his idol.  He spelled some stuff to me through the window but I couldn’t make it out.  Probably for the better.

I was frazzled but between my two shows for the city station and having a 2 hour sugar crash that would not quit (not with almonds, not with eggs, not with fruit) I just zoned.  I got home and was plowing through supper when Cortejo asked me if I was alright.  Brain flickered.  Reminded me about the stalker.  Stomach sank like it had a rock in it.  Sometimes, sugar crashing/need to eat is kind of a good thing when you WANT to forget.  It’s way easier to concentrate on how awesome pasta with cottage cheese and sauce is instead of how frightening it is to know some other guy is obsessed with me.

My knees are really sore tonight.  Not sure what I’ve done.  I wonder if it’s from the vitamin D deficiency.  I should probably buy some milk and drink it in the sunshine.  Damn daystar.

Looking over the e-mails for CT and I’ve got to say, as much as I’ll miss everyone (and miss seeing a CT) I am glad I’m not going.  Camping without a fire?  The fire is the best part.  It’s the only reason I go camping, so I can poke at it with sticks and burn things.  I’m a total fire bug.  That and the likelihood for heat stroke is high.  And since I’m more susceptible to it than most, I’m sure I would bake my brain.  On a good day all I get is head exhaustion.   Maybe next time.

I wanted to get some writing done tonight but that might be skipped for a bath and reading.  Or watching 3rd Rock from the Sun. I think they were talking about HK with this quote:

“There’s nothing to do in this town anyway.”

“I think you’re forgetting the barber shop got a radio.”

“That’s right, the barber shop got a radio.  …Will someone please shoot me in the eye?”


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