Eye Candy Friday: Emily Procter

Emily is best known for her role as Calleigh Duquesne on CSI: Miami, and in my humble opinion the best CSI of them all.  At least it was when I was still an owner of a TV and subscriber to cable.  It’s been 2 years now (Although the cable people notified me that my apt had been hooked up with free cable for over 2 years!!  That’s what I get for not plugging the coax cable into the tv).  I prefer her as her character, not saying she’s not hot as herself, but I have this thing for powerful women.  Especially this one with her (fake) gun and knowledge of all things ballistic and armed with a sharp sense of humour.

I need to date a cop.  Or at least a girl who’s willing to humour me and role play a little… [ahem] Moving on…

I <3 a good gender fuck

Season 6

Excuse me while I drool

Hot and smart...if only she was gay...

I'm sorry...what was I saying?

Lady in Red...in Bed

We have this one in the studio...

Why yes, I will take nude photos of you...


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