Cranky and Crashy

I’m having a sugar crash and I’m exhausted.  It’s not giving me a positive outlook on things at the moment.  I am glad that I can at least recognize that I crashing to hold my tongue.  I feel really pissed off and things that don’t normally bother me are whispering in my ear.

The smart thing would be to have a juice and calm the hell down.  The hypoglycemia book I’m reading says you should only eat when you’re hungry.  I’m not hungry.  But I’m crashy.  What to do, what to do.  Maybe I’ll lay down and when I wake up I’ll feel hungry and perhaps less pissy.

I hate when I get like this.  Especially since I was in the best mood ever this morning.  Oh well.  I’ll feel better after a nap, some juice and supper.

On a happy note, my blog cracked 10,000 before I hit my 1 year blog-o-versary.  Wewt!


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