Holy Bad Mood, Batman!

I groaned, lifted my head from the pillow and looked to my right for the clock.  Headboard? I pushed myself up a bit and squinted.  Somehow, during my night of sleep I went from sleeping with my feet pointed at the foot of the bed to my body laying parallel to the pillows on the bed, feet hanging over the edge.  I rolled over and bit down on a yelp.  Rough housing has it’s consequences.  Picked up the mini clock I couldn’t read.  5am.  I fell back asleep til Ilanikhan woke me up about an hour and change later.  I was having a vivid dream, and even remember thinking in the dream “I have got to remember this one!” only I forgot as soon as I woke up.  Dammit.

Felt pretty good this morning, as I had breakfast with her.  Felt pretty good as I drove over to have coffee with Cortejo and be a complete dork/nerd about stuff.  She sent me home with two SCA books.  One on period tomfoolery and another on pleasures and past times in Medieval England.  Who has the best girlfriend ever?  I do!  I do!

Meeting was fine.  Second, expected but unexpected meeting went fine as well.

I got back to work in time for my show and I don’t know what it was that had me so anti-social and cranky but I was not feeling myself.  If I had to guess, I think my somniloquy flared up last night so that I didn’t sleep soundly, I merely talked and moaned and moved.  Consider the position I woke up, that’s not surprising.  I had food and juice thinking that might be part of the problem, but it wasn’t.  I didn’t bother to turn on my MSN and shut off my e-mail (both of them) after a while.  I opted out of checking out the fight practice in Cornwall for a nap after work.  This was for the best, as soon as my head hit the pillow I was out like a light.  I slept through 2 movies and woke up for the 3rd.

Feel bad that I was cranky and I really hope I didn’t take it out on anyone.  [Sigh]  I can be a real beast sometimes.

I read this piece on rape culture today, that really made me shake my head.  I found the original posting of it here, tonight.  I know I’ve read this before, but it’s worth posting again:  Sexual Assault Prevention Tips.  Amazing that until I was sexually harassed at work, I didn’t even know what rape culture was.  It took Cortejo explaining it to me, with loads of links about rape culture, blog posts, articles and such for me to know.  I remember reading this really long blog post on it one day and going “Oh my God, that’s what he did to me!  That’s part of rape culture!”  It’s incredible how ingrained it is in our society and in our way of thinking.  Rape Culture 101, if you’re interested.  It would be nice to see a part of a high school sex ed curriculum to teach about it, but I think hell might freeze over first.  People cringe at the R word but have no problem victim blaming when someone gets raped.  “She asked for it.”  No one asks for it.  No one.  There’s a follow up to Bluemilk’s piece that I read, after someone commented that maybe the girl should take some responsibility for getting raped.  You can read it here.


Tomorrow night is going to be great.  I’ve got a date with my girl to watch True Blood season 3 premier (no spoilers, please!).  The previews floating around Facebook make Season 3 look full of the awesomer.  I have high hopes.  Especially since it’s got werewolves!  I hope they stay fairly true to werewolf lore and not pull a Twilight and decide to revamp some main aspect of what they are.  You know, like all of a sudden they sparkle.  Cortejo has read all the books out in the Sookie Stackhouse series so far, so she knows what can happen.  The series doesn’t follow the books to a t, but enough to make comparisons.

I need to get a few things done before I hit the office, so hopefully I don’t end up being awake til all hours of the night (or wee hours of the morning).

Oh!  On a redeeming note, I got a random post card from Reyl in the mail today.  It lifted my little dark cloud of crankypants and put a smile on my sour ol’ face.`


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