Weird as in Sexy?

“You’re weird.”

“Weird as in sexy?”

“Weird as in weird!”

“So suddenly I’m weird?”

“Not so suddenly, Dick.  I said it yesterday, I said it today.  I say it everyday.”

I get called weird a lot.  I don’t do things the way most people do.  Conventionality?  What’s that?  I dunno.  I heard once that “normal” was a synonym for “boring” and that’s stuck in my head ever since.  I don’t realize I’m being weird and sometimes I have to stop and think about it or ask someone.

Case in point Tuesday afternoon I told Lynch that Cortejo and I were going to be watching episode 2 of True Blood and that I had left the disc with episode 1 on the coffee table in a red sleeve if he wanted to watch it before I got there and catch up, so he could (with Reyl) watch it with us.  Then I thought, “Gee is that weird?”.  He didn’t seem to think so.  But I guess to someone else looking in it might be weird if you’re not poly or maybe if you are but it’s one of those DADT situations.  Heck, my entire relationship is deemed to be weird and unconventional by my friends.  I’ve lost friends over it, that’s how “weird” it is.  “Say what?  Explain that again please!”.

Today, it was pointed out to me yet again that I’m weird.  I’m starting to think that this isn’t the compliment I’ve come to believe it is.  Office Mom popped over (boy am I glad I at least tidied the apartment last night instead of not doing anything at all) to say ‘hi’ and ask me if I wanted to go craft supply shopping with her.  When she asked what took me so long to answer the door (she called me from the front door because she didn’t know which buzzer was mine) I told her I had been naked.  This is weird.

“Were you at least in a towel?”


“What were you doing?”

“Cross stitching.”


“What?  I just do that sometimes.  I have a shower, towel off and have every intention of putting some clothes on.  Then I get distracted by something and forget.”

She gave me this funny look, sorta like “How can you forget to put clothes on?”  I don’t know what happens.  I’m on my way to my room and realize that I need to do dishes.  Or that the floor needs vacuuming or I’ll get an instant message from someone on the computer and only mean to answer that but get sucked into a conversation.  Or I’m reading in the tub, dry off (still reading) and just get so absorbed in the book that the clothes don’t always happen.  I’ll be all set to go to work and realize “Shit, I’m not dressed.”

I’ve been like that ever since I moved out on my own for the first time.  I just do stuff naked.  I don’t like doing stuff naked in front of others.  I’m pretty self conscious about my body.  The extra weight.  The scars.  The blemishes.  The stretch marks.  I hate the way I look without clothes on and I really hate when anyone spends any amount of time looking at me naked.  But for some odd reason, when I’m alone, I love to be nude.

It’s weird to yell at the TV.  To yell at the TV about things like improper lighting techniques, bad audio, and inconsistencies in editing.  It is weird to be watching a movie and pick out historical inaccuracies and then spend 5-10 minutes defending yourself with statements like, “If you’re going to put it into a movie, do a little research first!”.  On a side note, this isn’t just weird, but also particularly annoying to people who don’t care that corn dogs weren’t around in the Middle Ages.  Or what’s weird, is when you say that and someone else says “YEAH!  You’re supposed to do it like _______.”

Apparently it’s weird to dress up like a boy viking.  It’s weird that know a fair bit about technology but do things like learn to bone carve, wood burn, make lucet and cross stitch as hobbies.

It’s probably weird to ask someone else (who’s also considered weird) if you’re weird.  It’s probably weird to blog about being weird.  Is it weird how many times the word weird shows up in this blog?

Probably.  I’m fucking weird.  How awesome is that?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. reyl
    Jun 25, 2010 @ 09:10:05

    Dude you’re weird. I wouldn’t be your friend if you were normal ;)

    *belly bump*



  2. cloves
    Jun 25, 2010 @ 19:11:54

    nahhhhh…you’re pretty cool in my books.


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