Post 200!

This is my 200th post.  I missed it, but about a week ago, my blog also reached 20,000 hits.  Impressive considering 1 year ago (this month) I had 3 hits.  Not that I blog for anyone other than myself, except maybe the eye candy stuff.

Today was the official Day 1 of my Vacation.  Let me tell you it sucked the big one.

Technically it started yesterday with the sucking.  I was feeling snuffly and my throat was sore on the trip home from Kanata.  By the time I got home and into bed it was 11ish and I couldn’t swallow or breath through my nose.  I was up and down, up and down all night.  I’m pretty sure I had a fever at one point as I was completely soaking wet.

I must have had 5-6 showers today and 1 bath.  I can smell the infection in my sinuses, and that makes me paranoid that I smell.  I was standing under the hot hot spray of the shower covered in goosebumps.  A few hours later, I decided to go to the store (this was around lunchtime) and get sick food.  I got my pants on and fell back to sleep for a few hours.

Somehow I managed to propel myself out the door around supper time and get some supplies.  A neti pot bottle (it’s not the pot, it’s a big squeeze thing) and was alarmed by what I flushed out of there.  I took meds.  Took a bath.  Got the fever sweats in the bathtub even when I had the cold water on.  I finally caved and called Office Mom to see if she’d take me to the hospital a few towns over because they don’t have as long of a wait time.

Was there 2 hours tonight, not too shabby.  The nurse was really nice.  I got cold and when I walked back to the waiting room she had a blanket in her arms and wrapped me up in it.  The doctor wasn’t actually at the hospital, oddly enough.  I was in the little room for a while on my own and sort of drifted in and out between dizzy awake-ness and sleep.  The doctor didn’t seem to be all that concerned that I was anything except actually sick.  Only, my face hurts, my eyes are sore, my ears are sore, I have a fever, my throat is getting scratchy again, my joints ache and I slept 16 hours today.  Not even the normal sleep disorder type sleep of 16 hours (where I feel lethargic and sore from being asleep so long) but genuinely run down.

The doctor asked me how I was doing.  I think that’s sort of a stupid question.  I’m at the hospital.

My old doctor wasn’t sure I could have penicillin and I know that Cortejo can’t be around it, so he prescribed me a z-pack.  Not without first being condescending and doubtful.  “You know, if this is just viral it won’t help.”  Yeah, because I really wanted to hang out at the hospital for 2 hours in tiny little room so I could go buy expensive pills without a health plan that I don’t need.  Right.  That was top priority for my vacation.  Waste $60 and the time of the medical establishment.  If I hadn’t been so completely docile from being sick I might have told him off.  I certainly thought it.  Loudly.

I haven’t eaten much today.  Packet of soup.  2 glasses of juice.  Handful of grapes.  My stomach hurts, I think I’ll go eat some soup and go to bed.  Setting my alarm for 8am so I can be at the store when the pharmacy opens.  The great thing about the Z-Pack is that within maybe 2-3 hours after taking it, I feel completely healthy and fine.  So I’ll pop some, come home and nap and then hit the city.  Here’s hoping Day 2 goes better!


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