Eye Candy Friday: Neve Campbell

Since it was Canada Day yesterday, I thought I’d go with some maple flavoured eye candy.  If you’re wondering, “Yeah but what has she done lately?” I say “Who cares, she’s hot!”  But in all seriousness she’s filming “Scre4m”.  Originally she had said she didn’t want to do it, making me very happy, but the other 4 who’ve been in the other 3 are back.  Plus they’re throwing 4 million at her for this.  She’s in pre-production for 2 other films, “Owl Song” and “Vivaldi”.

Neve was born in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.  She started ballet school when she was 6 and when she was 9 (til she was 14) she attended the National Ballet School of Canada.  She quit the competitive school after suffering a nervous breakdown (that had all her hair fall out) from the stress of being there.  She said it was all about favoritism, backstabbing, and she didn’t like who she had become.  No friends and being very unhappy, she stepped away.

She did a movie in 2003 where she starred, co-wrote and produced, called “The Company” based on her love of dance.  She’s had pretty much every dance injury known to man.  She’s a spokeswoman for Tourette’s Syndrome, and has been since 1994 (using her Party of Five) fame.

Two of my favourite Neve roles…have to be that girl on girl kiss she did in the last season of Party of Five. God, I remember that being so “controversial” at the time.  It’s funny how times have changed.  After the ep aired, I remember one of my friends saying, “Oh God, did you see Neve dyking out last night on Po5?”  These days that isn’t even a blip on the radar (unlike Pam’s suggestive lesbian scene in last week’s True Blood).  The other?  C’mon…you know it…

This one is here for the article...


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