Eye Candy Friday: Terri Clark

I have had a crush on Terri Clark for a long time.  Even when [ahem] I was a little straight girl in high school.  Odd, I know, since straight girls generally aren’t attracted to other women.  I was a little slow on the uptake, kay?  There’s just something about her.  She’s really butchy, wears that cowboy hat like nobody’s business and yet still looks like a girl.

Terri Clark is her stage name.  She was born Terri Lynn Sauson, in Montreal in ’68.  She was signed to Mercury Records in 1995, has 6 studio albums, 3 compilation discs, a live album and 28 solo singles.  She’s had 19 top 20 singles in the USA (2 #1’s), more than 20 top 20 in Canada (6 #1’s).  Albums Just the Same and How I Feel both went platinum in Canada and the US.

“I got to admit to you got a smile
That really reeled me in for awhile
But it ain’t funny, honey, what you put me through
So why don’t you send me your photograph
It’d hurt a lot less than taking you back
Then I could still have my favorite part of you”


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