Tuesday Night Doldrums

Tuesday night.  Bored out of my ever lovin’ mind and feeling like a big suck.  Cortejo isn’t feeling well, so we both decided that it was better if we had our date on Friday night instead.  Granted it’ll be more of an action date, as I get to take her out.  The Universe is being cool about it.  Telus sent me a coupon for Cineplex for 2 adult passes and snacks.  30% off.  It’s not a bad deal, actually.  Not that I wasn’t willing to spend the money in the first place (I made a decision this year that my GST money would be spent on fun/gay things).  Her choice (mostly) on film and dinner.  I put my foot down about Twilight apparently you couldn’t pay her to watch it (gosh isn’t she great?).  Looks like it’s Robin Hood, something starring Rachel Weiss [Drool] or The A-Team.  Or Prince of Persia.  The historical ones look really good.  The A-Team would just be kick ass.  I would concede to sitting through that new Nick Cage movie, but I really don’t care for him.

It’s been a while since we’ve done this kind of a date.  Start of March, actually.  Not that it really matters to me (nor to her, if I’m not mistaken).  I like when we hang out watching True Blood (must…not…watch), doing crafts, watching her cook or whatever happens to be going on.  Anyway…so we’ll have that on Friday.

Probably just as well as The Boss, Madge, Jabba the Hut and a few others are visiting from head office and the city tomorrow.  I hope Jabba is just doing a cursory check and isn’t coming to fire someone.  So I’ll be into the office a bit early.  12:30ish.  I’ve got a few things to update anyhow.  I’ll get it out of the road tomorrow.

I finished my cross stitch project today:


I’m a bit cranky because I had a completely unopened roll of canvas that I can’t find.  I remember having it in my backpack.  And then I remember thinking about bringing it to an SCA event.  It was on the craft table.  And if that wasn’t enough, the stuff that pulls away, the removable canvas for doing clothes is missing.  I wanted to stitch the clan patch onto my costume for tomorrow night.

I printed out an idea for a t-shirt pattern.  Not sure if I’m going to do it.  I might try a smaller image.  See if I can download the corresponding font for said image and find a good quote.  Failing that…skulls.

Took a visit to the new little store down the road to pick something up.  Nice lady who runs it and a very nice store.  She remembered who I was and noticed I had cut my hair.  Not only that but she had tucked a few things aside for me!  I’ll have to go back before work on Thursday or Friday.

I’m stalling.  I should be doing some housework like vacuuming and washing the floor.  I have my blanket in the wash.  I need to do more bedding.

Oh my God, I thought I was going to have a heart attack twice tonight.  First when I got my Telus bill and the envelope felt heavy.  My eyeballs nearly fell out of my head.  Then I checked my account online.  Phew.  Then, I’m slouched here at the computer letting supper digest and trying to fight off a case of premature sleepulation when I realize I turned the car lights on tonight.  Did I shut them off?  Ran outside barefoot, not that it would have mattered (car would have been long since dead) but all was good.

Ah well, suppose I should go clean the things.  Maybe look for my canvas.  Hard to get motivated when Pickles is sleeping on the bed and Meeko is curled up beside me.  He and I had this little exchange a few moments ago:

Meeko:  [Wakes up from a nap and stretches.  Turns around lays back down.]

Me:  Do you really need to get up and stretch just go to back to  napping?

Meeko:  [Sticks his paw out and flexes as if to say “Don’t be jealous”]


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