Eye Candy Friday: Julia Roberts

Wow.  I think last week was the first Friday I’ve ever missed an Eye Candy post!  Ah well, back this week with a classic candy!

I’ve always found Julia Roberts to be absolutely lovely.  There’s been some smack talk about her mouth/teeth but you know what?  Who cares?  No one’s perfect.  Heck, she’s still 100x hotter than me on her worst day when I’m on my best.  Wouldn’t kick her outta bed for eatin’ crackers.

No makeup...still stunning


Eye Candy Friday: Sabrina Lloyd

Admittedly I don’t really know much about Miss. Lloyd (including whether or not she’s a Miss or a Mrs) but this one is going out to Ilanikhan (who’s been watching the very sexist “Sliders“).  Sabrina has been seen in “Sliders“, “Numb3rs“, “Sports Night” and numerous other shows.

Sez Ilani, on the character Wade, “Too bad the show’s writers/etc were too sexist to show her off.”

Eye Candy Friday: Terri Clark

I have had a crush on Terri Clark for a long time.  Even when [ahem] I was a little straight girl in high school.  Odd, I know, since straight girls generally aren’t attracted to other women.  I was a little slow on the uptake, kay?  There’s just something about her.  She’s really butchy, wears that cowboy hat like nobody’s business and yet still looks like a girl.

Terri Clark is her stage name.  She was born Terri Lynn Sauson, in Montreal in ’68.  She was signed to Mercury Records in 1995, has 6 studio albums, 3 compilation discs, a live album and 28 solo singles.  She’s had 19 top 20 singles in the USA (2 #1’s), more than 20 top 20 in Canada (6 #1’s).  Albums Just the Same and How I Feel both went platinum in Canada and the US.

“I got to admit to you got a smile
That really reeled me in for awhile
But it ain’t funny, honey, what you put me through
So why don’t you send me your photograph
It’d hurt a lot less than taking you back
Then I could still have my favorite part of you”

Eye Candy Friday: Neve Campbell

Since it was Canada Day yesterday, I thought I’d go with some maple flavoured eye candy.  If you’re wondering, “Yeah but what has she done lately?” I say “Who cares, she’s hot!”  But in all seriousness she’s filming “Scre4m”.  Originally she had said she didn’t want to do it, making me very happy, but the other 4 who’ve been in the other 3 are back.  Plus they’re throwing 4 million at her for this.  She’s in pre-production for 2 other films, “Owl Song” and “Vivaldi”.

Neve was born in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.  She started ballet school when she was 6 and when she was 9 (til she was 14) she attended the National Ballet School of Canada.  She quit the competitive school after suffering a nervous breakdown (that had all her hair fall out) from the stress of being there.  She said it was all about favoritism, backstabbing, and she didn’t like who she had become.  No friends and being very unhappy, she stepped away.

She did a movie in 2003 where she starred, co-wrote and produced, called “The Company” based on her love of dance.  She’s had pretty much every dance injury known to man.  She’s a spokeswoman for Tourette’s Syndrome, and has been since 1994 (using her Party of Five) fame.

Two of my favourite Neve roles…have to be that girl on girl kiss she did in the last season of Party of Five. God, I remember that being so “controversial” at the time.  It’s funny how times have changed.  After the ep aired, I remember one of my friends saying, “Oh God, did you see Neve dyking out last night on Po5?”  These days that isn’t even a blip on the radar (unlike Pam’s suggestive lesbian scene in last week’s True Blood).  The other?  C’mon…you know it…

This one is here for the article...

Eye Candy Friday: Kat Von D

Kat Von D (born Katherine Von Drachenberg) is an American tattoo artist and TV personality.  She made her first TV appearance on TLC’s Miami Ink before getting her own spin-off, L.A. Ink. She’s also appeared on MADtv and in the video game Tony Hawk: Ride as an unlockable skater.  The song “High Voltage” by Eagles of Death Metal was written for Kat by Jesse Huges, who said “I wrote that for Kat Von D, because that girl’s bad ass.”  It appears on the album, “Heart On”.

Eye Candy Friday: Sarah McLachlan

My choosing of this weeks Eye Candy had a fair bit to do with Sarah’s new album “Laws of Illusion” dropping on Tuesday of this week (release day).  I gave the disc a listen last night and I’m really enjoying it.  We’ve been doing heavy rotation of her first single “Loving You is Easy” and I predict that “Forgiveness” will be her next radio track.  I didn’t listen close enough to tell you the other 2, but I’ll come back to that.  She’s sold 40 million records world wide.

Other exciting stuff is, a few years ago Lilith Fair was touring (1997-1999) and it’s kicking off again this summer!  I hope they do another 2 year tour as it’s not in the budget for me to check it out this year.  The Fair is to promote women in music and was a huge success and saw her receive the The Elizabeth Cady Stanton Visionary Award (for advancing the the careers of women in music).  Sarah’s career accomplishments include an Order of Canada, an Order of British Colombia, nominated for 21 Juno’s and winning 8, Best Video for her ’92 vid for “Into the Fire”, Female Vocalist of the Year (1998), Song Writer of the Year (w/ Pierre Marchand), Single of the Year (“Building a Mystery”), International Achievement Award (2004), Pop Album of the Year (“Afterglow”), shared another Song Writer of the Year with Pierre (“Fallen”, “Stupid” and “World on Fire”).  She has 3 Grammy awards, Best Female Pop Performance (“Building a Mystery”) and again in ’98 for the live version of “I Will Remember You”.  She also scored for Best Pop Instrumental Hit for “Last Dance” (a favourite of mine, in which they employ the sound of a warbling saw).

If that doesn’t wow you, she’s been featured in Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly and Flair.  She performed at the Opening Ceremonies of the VanCity 2010 Olympic Games.  Her song “Building a Mystery” ranked 91 on VH1’s 100 Greatest Songs of the 90s.

Her charitable work includes donations to women’s shelters across Canada.  A spokeswoman for the BC SPCA (raising $30 million since 2006).  In 2005 she took part in a Tsunami Disaster Relief Telethon.  Created the Sarah McLachlan Musical Outreach Choir & Percussion Ensemble.  In 2005 she performed for Live 8, with Josh Groban.  Not impressed yet?  She took a $150,000 budget for her music video “World on Fire” and donated it to  War Child, Help the Aged, Engineers Without Boarders and CARE.  She proved that money isn’t everything and going on to be nominated for a Grammy for the video (costing only $15 to make).

When I think of what being a celebrity should be, I think of Sarah.  She is truly a beautiful human being.

Her album, “Rarities, B-Sides and Other Stuff” was the first CD I ever owned.  “Surfacing” was the first disc I ever bought with my own money.  As an angsty teen, I would lie on my bed in the dark and listen to Sarah McLachlan CD’s til my ears bled.  To this day, I’m still a huge fan.  Although, I tend to listen to her stuff with the lights on in a less emo-like fashion.

Eye Candy Friday: Katherine Moennig

You’ll remember today’s Eye Candy from her role as Shane McCutcheon on The L Word.  She also played Jake Pratt on Young Americans. The first time I saw Katherine in any sort of role it was in the 1999 music video Our Lady Peace did for “Is Anybody Home”.  Here’s a surprise for you, this gal is cousins to Gwyneth Paltrow.

If you’re wondering whether or not she’s down with the girls team, I couldn’t tell you.  I mean, my gaydar goes all scrambled haywire and explodes every single time I look at her.  Jennifer Beals may have accidentally outed Kate in an interview with The Advocate in ’06 when she said she would check with the gay cast/staffers on the show to make sure she was doing things right.  And in ’07 Rose Troche mentioned that the show had two gay cast members, “Leisha and Kate”.  Kate herself has been tight lipped about the whole thing, saying a private life in Hollywood is rare.

Personally, I don’t care if she’s gay, bi, straight, queer, a spaghetti girl…whatever…loved her as Shane and think she’s hot.  Except…she really does need to eat something.  I want to like, bring her over to Kirstie Alley’s house and get Kirstie to feed her.  Not a lot…just a little.  That woman knows how to eat!

The Gay Fonz

Love the hair!

Alice/Leisha & Shane/Kate

Promo Shot for S6

When I grow up, I wanna be the Gay Fonz.  [Wistful sigh]  For now, I’ll have to settle for being Gaynip.

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