Saturday Morning Knife Fight

Deadliest Warrior might be the greatest show on earth.  I’m watching the first episode which will pit an Apache warrior against a Gladiator.  I’ve got to say, so far my money is on the Apache.  He’s got a bunch of distance weapons that’s going to take the wind out of a Gladiator’s sails.

What’s really awesome is Apache’s are some of the worlds best knife fighters.  They work with the US military to teach their fighting techniques.  When the guy walked up he took out like 10 knives and put them on the table and said, “If an Apache can carry 20 knives he will carry 20 knives.”  This guy then proceeded to do 3 killing knife strikes at a distance of 15 feet in 2.4 seconds.  Not just “Oh that would probably kill someone” but had a doctor there, had a computer analysis going.  Full of the awesome.

I love the cocky Apache attitude as well.  He’s explaining the different types of arrow head.  Obsidian, which will splinter and cause a lot of pain.  The rusted ones so someone would die of infection (if it didn’t kill you on contact).  They can fire 15 arrows/minute.

“So which arrow do you prefer?”

“Which ever one goes through your heart.”

We’re not talking new arrows either, but actual hand made ones.  Ones made with wood, feathers and then various period/authentic heads.  Brutal.  One of the arrows went BETWEEN the ribs…BETWEEN!  Nailed him in the throat and severed the spine and another that went upward to the base of the brain.

Did it just get really hot in here?

Out of the Gladiator weapons, the sica is pretty awesome.  Sword with a bend in it to go around the shield.

Problem with the Gladiator is the helmet.  Yes it protects against items like the war club (but it turned a skull to dust without one) but it’s 15lbs of iron on your head and the visibility is crap.

Annnd the Apache won according to the simulation program.  Very cool.