About Gaynip

As you’ve probably guessed, Gaynip isn’t my real name.  About a year ago I was joking that my new goal in life was to become “like catnip to the ladies”.  A friend shouted, “Gaynip!” (and other more crude jokes you can make for yourselves).  The moniker was born and has since stuck.

Aside from being a rather snarky blogger, I’m also a radio host, a SCAdian (that’s new), a practicing lesbian (but not a man hating one), a big time geek/nerd and in my past life I may have been the Pied Piper of Hamlin.  I’m just saying.

Some of my favourite things include:  Researching stuff, learning new things, arts & crafts, being sarcastic, telling stories, spending time with my friends, napping, sex (if I’m being honest!), people watching, gaming (table top, LARP, board/card and to a lesser extent video), writing, being silly, meditating, beaches, campfires and thunderstorms.

I’m incredibly sarcastic and it sometimes comes across as mean.  If I’m teasing you, it’s because I like you.  Don’t take it personally.

This is my blog.  The opinions expressed here are my own.  If you don’t like it, tell your mom about it while she’s busy cutting the crust off your PB & J sandwich.  :P


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. livingdilbert
    May 06, 2010 @ 15:58:49

    Living Dilbert likes your style! I can’t wait to read more!


  2. Cloves
    Jun 11, 2010 @ 15:43:52

    hey..diggin the blog for sure!Checking it daily. Wondering if i could read some of the “non public” stuff too perhaps?


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